Look at my "jacket". It took be quite some time to get it to look like a real jacket but in truth, it's just a sleeveless blazer which I had to do some major editing for the sleeves. So if you look closely though I beg you not, the sleeves look awkward as hell. o.o Well, it was a long process to even get it to look like that, man, so I hope you appreciate the effort at least :D 


This is a little break from the trench coat series because someone very special is celebrating her birthday and I'm making preprepre sets for her big surprise ;D Right now, this is my prepre set. There's still like the preprepre set till the real set comes. And if you're wondering who the special person is, it's the very llamamegaawesome person named @sophiesb and she's been my friend since God even said "let there be light". Actually, it hasn't been that long but she's my bestie here on Poly anywho :) Despite how long it's just been, she's been a really awesome friend.

 @sophiesb SO wait for the preprepre set till the FINAL BIRTHDAY SET! Also, look it's Barbara :) I made sure to make it Barbara smiling because that's how I look every time I read your comments and unfortunately, I'm not that beautiful as Barbara but I smile just like that when I read your comments, llamacartney :P

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