21 days since my last set. WHAT. 

Well, if you're wondering why, it's school. School's been killing me these past days. But yesterday was the last day, however. AND I AM FREE. My chains are broken from that madhouse. Life is back to being wonderful with days where I spend my butt sitting on the same old chair making Polyvore sets and looking at other Polyvore sets. My life is totally lame, I know. I missed you all so so so so much. @sophiesb @hijabikebabi @tell-me-more @easystyle @gagarose @rafidahd @rikka-alethea @across-the-universe @wacky-jacqui @akchen @peppa19-7 @kathyaalrust @mrs-box I could tag a WHOLLEE lot more but my mind is still in a drained mode from school. Oh, and about speech.... I'll tell you all about it in my next set o.o
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