I'll finish this later, but I'd like to reserve Paul Wesley and Dave Franco for my guys, please.

name: Leila Sommers
age: 19
hometown: Hot Springs, Arkansas
college: Boston Conservatory
major: Dance
neighborhood: Bay Village

likes: Ballet, pastels, floral, competition, being the best, avenging her mom, music, coffee, snow, sarcasm, collars, winning, lace, old novels, cats, her friends
dislikes: Losing, people that get in her way, short hair, being underestimated, alleyways, hot weather, irrelevant people, dogs, being the underdog, wimps, bills, rich people
music: likes acoustic songs, not quite indie but not largely well known bands either 
food: anything but ramen noodles
style: Girly and pastels, but on the cheap. 
Mother: Marie Sommers- A single mother, Marie had Leila when she was 20 years old, and raised her on her own. They never had much money, but the two were very close. She was a dancer until she got pregnant and had to give it up, and she taught Leila all by herself because they couldn't afford lessons. She was murdered at age 38 in the alleyways of their town, when Leila was 18.

appearence: Blonde hair, light blue-grey eyes, and strong brows. She's tall and thin.
model: Cara Delevingne
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