Grey is becoming one of my favorite colors to use now in my sets. It's just such a lovely color. It's really simple and elegant yet edgy and superlative :) It's such a brilliant color. I mean, for crying out loud, it's Ying and Yang's love child so it's quite a little bit of everything. :D 

OH OH OH OH OH. MY MY MY MY MY MY. Fried chicken whoopers............... I'm almost going to hit the 2 million mark in my views and 3,000 in my following! It's an extremely scary and awesome thought that 2 million people have seen my sets. I MEAN, HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE. It's just such a mind blowing thought. And 3,000 followers?! That's really amazing so I just want to thank all my followers and to the people who view my sets. I am just speechless at the the numbers. It's.... really really an honor. I love you all so so so so so dearly :) Okay, who wants a hug and some friend chicken? I'm treating you guys for some Kentucky Fried Chicken now ;D 

@divadebbi My fellow Al Pacino lover ahaha ;D 
Oh, @olivexa, @marina-pierce, @xatzivaggeli for being kind enough to like more than 5 of my sets :o Usually, people like 3 sets of mine and disappear but that's fine. I guess, they're not digging the minimalist look. xD
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