probably the first in a long time i've even come close to 50 item limit hah

i was tagged by the lovely @ilysev here thank you :)

Where would you go to if you could fly anywhere on Earth?
tropical island or the wilderness of somewhere amazing like new zealand or i don't know
How many books do you own?
not many

What’s your favorite movie from your childhood?

Who’s your favorite teacher?
don't really have one

What’s your favorite kind of clothing?
skirts :)

Bad habit?
I pull my hair a lot and i procrastinate too (hence polyvore)

What was the last fictional thing you cried over?(Book, movie, or show)
i didn't really cry but i got teary during silver linings playbook

What was the last vacation you took?
road trip to melbourne

What’s on your walls?
magazine tear-outs, vintage envelopes, paint swatches
Where are you right now?
my room

What kind of tattoo do you think you would have if you got one?
i wouldn't probably never get one. the .1% chance that i would, i'd probably get just something like a small flower

What did you do last night?:
i went to dinner in the city with two friends after work. we had japanese and i was very full afterward!

What’s your favourite album ever & why?:
i dont have favourite albums, just songs.
If you could see any band in the whole world live, who would it be?:
i dont listen to bands pls dont banish me from the internet

Explain your icon.:
it's just one of my favourite pictures from tumblr. it is so dreamy and ethereal. plus it is green, one of my favourite colours
What 3 things always make you feel better?:
food, playing netball, maybe retail therapy haha

What’s your idea of a perfect night?:
a night where i can be oblivious to the goings-on of the outside world and just be happy

What are you looking forward to right now?:
idk maybe uni. it's starting in two weeks. eep!
What’s your favorite smell?:
hahah i like the smell of chlorine. also the smell of jasmine tea, green tea, english breakfast tea!

What are you reading right now?
reading the hunger games for the first time (the train's gone and i've just arrived)

What’s one thing on your bucket list?
win a 25-words-or-less competition

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