TOP SET MUNSSSS. My #229 set is top set for today! 

:D :D :D :D 

Well, after having my phone stolen in school, having a top set makes me feel much much MUCH better now. And yes, someone in my class actually had the guts to steal a phone. I don't know why people keep stealing my stuff. First, it was my iTouch in grade 6! Now, it's my phone :O I am so fed up with all this stealing. I just seriously need a tracking device so that whoever steals my stuff could be traced down and brought to DA POLICE. I don't understand why people have to steal. I mean, it just goes against all of human's morals to take something that isn't your's. It's such a selfish act that deserves severe punishment. To make things worse, I study in a Christian school where people are supposedly holy and have good morals but judging from my past years, the people who study here are definitely not saints. Good word, it's almost Christmas, and someone just had to steal my phone. o.o


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LOVE this outfit! so perfect! and aw i hope you get your phone back! =(

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HOW FUN IS THIS! Yes, love this set! Boots are perfection!

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Wow!! So cool set my sweetie!!! ♥♥

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Such a cool look.

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sorry about your phone!! BUT THIS IS LOVELY

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Love the collar on that blouse and the jacket pulls the whole outfit together :D Oh and I love the boots :D
Ugh, I absolutely HATE thieves!!! I remember egtting my glasses stolen, like whaaaat, why would you steal someone else's glasses, that's the most pointless thing to steal. Ugh. That sucks yo, but I hope you get a new phone soon. Or you know, just get each of your followers to donate £1 or $1 or whatever currency you have in the Philippines and you'll soon have a new phone :D

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Thanks for your comments, always make me smile :)
This set is so amazing, love the skirt with the boots, nice blouse!

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so sweet....

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Love this look, it's perfect. The denim jacket is such a nice touch!
Argh, so have you replaced your phone?! I can't imagine losing all my pictures and messages ):
Focus on positive stuff like Top Set (wheeeee) and the prospect of getting a newer phone haha. Tomorrow will be much much better, promise! :)

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so I'll first say few words about the set - WOW PERFECTION aaa <333333 ok, they stole your phone?? that's horrible...I'm sorry dear, hopefully you'll find who did that....or get a new one soon.....if that happens to me, I will kill my self, cause I have so much important stuff in my cell..

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@patpatkay - I DON'T love it that your phone was stolen either, I think maybe you read my comment as I LOVE it that your phone got stolen :-) Sending you hugs and wishes you get your phone back!! Not a great week for you so far is it xx

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@mrs-box Of course, I'm not happy about my phone getting stolen :/ I meant, I I was feeling better because I got a top set! Haha, if you read that first sentence in the paragraph out of context, it does look like I'm happy about my phone getting stolen ahahaha. Whoops.
@cuteym Thank you, I'm feeling slightly better again because there are people like you who care enough to read my descriptions and reply on it :)
@ginaheartscupcakes Trust me. It is absolutely horrible having my phone get stolen. It was a smart phone and I quite loved it dearly. :(
@easystyle Thank you for always being so encouraging! :) I hope it does get better and I hope that maybe the robber of my phone realizes that what he or she has stolen has a sentimental value to me :|

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Very nice set but so sorry about the phone..that is horrible. I hope you are able to find who took your phone. I am sending Hugs your way my friend, I hope tomorrow is a better day!

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lol, getting your phone stolen isn't that bad. getting your SIM CARD stolen is worse. One of my friends stole this girls', because she was annoying him, and let's say hiding a small chip is easier than a phone.

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sorry u lost the phone! glad u're feeling better :)

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Love as always!

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What a fab outfit!

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Love the set, don't love it that your phone was stolen! Is this you with incognito glasses following a trail? :-)

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Love it!!

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