I know this set ruins the streak of formality in my sets but what the heyyyy, I've been making such oldies sets, it's time to make something fresher and something someone my age would actually wear ahaha! 

Tomorrow, I am off to go to a mountain city tomorrow. A mountain city which contains a LOT of strawberries and cold weather. I don't think I'll be able to make a set for the next 3 days or so because there won't be any wi-fi there o.o Wi-fi is almost like bread. With out it for a day, we go nuts. And just thinking about not having wi-fi for how many days is going to kill meh. Oh, Lord, have mercy. I need my wi-fi :( Good grief, well, there ain't nothing I can do about that. The only great thing about this trip is that there are a ton of thrift stores up that city :D They have wonderful things in those thrift stores to be honest. And YES, I do like thrift stores. I don't know why some people look down on thrift stores. THRIFT STORES ARE AWESOME OKAY. You get to find pieces of clothing that nobody else gots :D now, I'm sure hellla not a hipster but I do like it best when I'm wearing a unique piece of clothing. I mean, isn't it better than going to Forever 21 and then seeing someone wear the exact same shirt as you in the mall. It's a horror show D: I really don't like having the same clothes are people..... Trust me, thrift stores are not all that bad. There are some stuff from the 80's even! Now, if you still look down on thrift stores, I suggest you go take a look at Jen from Clothes Encounters. Her style is so spectacular and ummmmazin o.o Like really amazing. So uber amazing you'd want to jump on a bus going to some random town and find a thrift store. Go check out her channel on Youtube and tell me thrift store shopping ain't COOL. I dare you. I DOUBLE DARE YOU. 


In other crappy updates of my life..... WELL....

This isn't really crappy but guess who might get a cello and learn the cello?! :D :D THAT'S RIGHT. I am going to learn how to play the cello real soon. My dad's still quite hesitant though... He doesn't think I have the devotion to be a cellist BUT imma prove him wrong! Because dedication is all I will give to that beautiful cello which I will name Dorothy or Nala or whatever name. You guys could help me name my cello ahaha! Awww.... I'm going to get a cello and asdjlasdjas I'm going nuts right now because cello and askldjasdl OH MY GOSH. I need to hug something really hard and pretend it's a cello. 

@nicerose @gagarose I think you guys would be proud of this bad-ass set of mine :D
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