Hello, my lovely stooges, I am back from the mountain city I spoke of :D 

@hijabikebabi I finally made a long blog post over here so I hope you enjoy this entry aha. 

First things first before I start talking about my trip, I ABSOLUTELY HATE ROAD TRIPS. There. I said it. I hate it. My ass is flattened out for more 6 hours and each time I want to pee, I have to stop by in some nasty gas station where people seem to not know how to use the toilets. But when in need of pee, one must release thy bladder because bladder might burst and soil the car seat. Desperate times do call for desperate measures. Even when the toilets were unsanitary and there was some scary substances on the floor, I had to pee okay. Also, in road trips, you do absolutely nothing and just sit your asses like a flat pan on the seat. It's miserable,really. After you stand up from sitting, your ass feels like it's just been rolled over by a bowling ball. Music is a great way from dying of boredom but music isn't thoroughly appreciated when your ass is swelling. Sorry for saying ass 5 times now. My ass just really hurts till now (6 times-- sorry). 

Now, I shall put aside that horrible road trip memories and on to the mountain city stuff. 

Remember the time I talked about two soccer players coming to my school and there was one dude who was uber adorable and crap? :D :D Well, the one who was uber adorable—tagging @sophieb because you really have to hear this--- was James Younghusband and he was eating in the same (supposedly) restaurant as me and my family :o There was a horrible long line which prevented me from eating in the same restaurant as him :( BUT asdjllda I made eye contact with him because I accidentally stared way too long at his beautiful face ahaha. I probably looked like a creepy, freaky stalker. Oh wait, I am. Out of all the people in the room, you could tell he was the best looking because he was literally glowing. There was this light from behind him and he was just shining. It was a really good few seconds of my life ;D And just to make sure it was him, my stalking abilities checked his Twitter and yes, he was in the same city as me in the same time and I’m pretty sure the glowing man was him. Who else would be glowing anyways? 
HORSE BACK RIDING HOLY WOLY. I want a horse really freaking bad but I live in a city, how terrible although, a horse in a city doesn’t sound too bad. I could just picture it now. I could wear my shades and big sunny hats and parade around the city while passing traffic jams because me and my horse would be taking the pedestrian lane like two really cool bad ass citizens. Me and my horse awww. And with the horse, mother earth wouldn’t have to be so polluted by one more car. Imagine if everyone rode horses, the world would be a much better place….. though really stinky with all that horse crap… Okay, maybe it’s not such a good idea anymore…. 

I don’t think there was anything more interesting in my days in the mountain city aside from exploring the toppest tops. There were a ton of rocks that looked like it belonged in Lion King. I tried climbing one but I failed miserably and just decided to be the photographer of my siblings who got to climb up those rocks. If ever you plan to take me rock climbing, just please bring a trampoline with you that would catapult me to the top in an instant. My hands are just too delicate to risk getting scraped. How will I play the piano and my cello if my hands are battered and bruised with rocks?! 
There was also the random lady at the toppest top of the mountain. She was selling clothes for the most unimaginably cheap prices. I got to purchase two items from her. A plain grey sweater for 10 pesos (which is something 25 cents in dollars or even cheaper… what even) and this lovely black lace top for the same price. I mean, who would buy things that cheap?! And it's not ripped up hobo clothes, even. It's slightly used but really beautiful pieces, I must say!

I spent 4 days in that mountain city. I just got home from a 12 hour ride due to traffic and I think I need surgery in my bottom because it really hurts :(

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Wrote 4 years ago
Excellent style! An amazing outfit!

Wrote 4 years ago
what an elegance!!!

Wrote 4 years ago
oh my gosh I really do love the simplicity of your sets! everything is always combined beautifully <3

Wrote 4 years ago
fantastic set





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