Why am I having such a hard time looking for the perfect picture for my outfit?! asdjka AHHHH. I have a bunch of outfits I really want to post already but finding the perfect model for the outfit is such a hassle. :\ I don't know if the photo shoots are getting lame or I'm just being too much of a perfectionist. Really, I'm having such a hard time deciding what photo to pick for each outfit. It's driving me insane really o.o Any who, HAPPY 2013 to all of you :D 

That rant wasn't really supposed to be there. It was actually in my New Year's resolution not to complain too much but here I go again complaining like a fat man who didn't get to eat dessert. Speaking of New Year's Resolution, what are you resolutions? :D It's bit of a personal thing but since we're all cool lemon peasies here, maybe you could share your's :) I found this website where you could list down 43 things of any goal (or maybe even more) you want to achieve or are working on. It's a site where people encourage you to do your goal and you as well could help encourage people to do their goal by cheering them on with the cheer button :D So far I've listed down around 30 items in my goal list. Here's my profile ahaha http://www.43things.com/person/patpatkay Don't laugh at me, I have some particular things I'd like to achieve in life ;D If you plan to make an account, do post your profile down in the comments. I'd love to help cheer you on with your goals :) 

HAPPY NEW YEAR'S TO YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN :D I hope this year is a better one for all of you! :D

**** I had to change the photo because it just didn't seem to match. Now, it's Freja :D :D

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