This is my screw-everything-and-just-go-with-it set. For days so, I've been so uptight about making a set that my sets have just turned into a work of "forced art". It's like forced poop. You don't have to poop but you do! Do I make sense? There's not a better to compare this than with poop that's why I used poop. 

I made sets because I thought it was obligatory that I should since I didn't have any sets for a long time. It wasn't as enjoyable as just making a set because I felt like it. This set, however, is a set that I just went and had a blast making :D It wasn't much stress and it just took me like 10 minutes to put together this whole thing which is NOT a usual amount of time for me to make a set o.o In fact, I think this is the shortest amount of time I spent for making a set. Now, you whoever you are, reading this, I challenge you to make a set where you just let go of all the stress and simply make a set based on what you feel like putting. Just type in a certain style of skirt you really like then just place a bunch of other things you feel would match it with out going through the tedious work of checking 359349 pages of clothing pieces. In fact, don't even think anymore, just make a set of whatever and publish it :D In other words, don't over think your set and just fllyyy likke an African swallow. I really suggest that you do make a screw-everything-and-just-go-with-it set and if you do, do tag me ;D

** I'm not really for the whole raising your middle finger thing and I AM not raising at you guys just so you know. :D I would change her hand into a wave instead of that finger. So she'll be like HI GUYS instead of cursing at you.

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Wrote three years ago
Simply beautiful!

Wrote 4 years ago
I don't know why I never saw this set before but it's perfect in every way and you know what Pat, you literally just read my mind and typed it out without even knowing and this is why I love your writing so much because you write so easily and amazingly and you basically sum up my feelings in 5 times less words than I would use and I just love your writing and you and this set. Wow. You don't understand how true this is though.

Wrote 4 years ago
love all your sets! you have such great style!

Wrote 4 years ago
Love the set, gives a such carefree vibe:)


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