Get her @zennie-x to stay! Please trend #polyneedsyouzennie . Cuz truth is Polly needs her!!!!

I don't know your motives for leaving but please stay!!! 

Guys or gals please trend this in your upcoming sets, or message @zennie-x showing her your support. She's an awesome friend and I don't what her to leave.

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Wrote two years ago

Wrote two years ago
♡ 'Cause I'm a crackhead without the crack! ♡
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Everyone is genius, but if you a judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it will believe it's whole life that it's stupid
-A. Einstein
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If you want a special tag message me, if you want added or taken of comment on my most recent set, thanks.
♡ Hey, my beauties, this is your beast, I just wanna say how much I love and appreciate you guys. ♡

♡ beautiful people with great accounts who are nice lovely and understanding. ♡
@zennie-x <= Lollipop of my dreams* She is an amazing friend of course from polyvore! As she's in love with doctor who. Will, you please go by and give her a follow!??!

♡members I share the account of @art-tips-icons-and-fashion-xoxo ♡
♡ Like, comment and follow!♡

♡ PM me if you need anyone, I'll always be happy to help!♡

♡My admin also a lovely lady go check out the account she so kindly accepted me to( @art-tips-icons-and-fashion-xoxo)♡
Ηακʋną Mą✝α✝ą ∞

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