This set is for @sophiesb @easystyle @tell-me-more @janjoplin @sharmarie @robot-in-a-box @hortensie all for just being really great human beings. Your comments. Gosh. I love you all so much. 

OH AND @polyvore-editorial @polyvore Just as I was just typing this, I got a notification that previous set just got top set. Now, I am so happy and really overjoyed, I could hug everyone who passes by me. Although, that won't be happening soon because I am alone at home listening and dancing by myself (as anyone would do when they get the house to themselves, am I right? ;D ) But really, admit it, guys. You all have danced and partied hard alone at home..... no one is an exception. Whether you admit it or not, it's a known fact that when you are alone in any place, you will start doing really embarrassing things that are between you and God. I'm just brave enough to come clean about being weird and embarrassing when I'm alone. 

I've decided I'm going to just keep making sets whenever I have time. I don't want to stop, ever. I realize that one of the best things in my life might be your comments and just your sets and the fact that everyone on here is just full of sense, compassion, creativity, and pure brilliance. If I could live on this website, I would. Because all of the coolest people coincidentally ended up here. :D I swear. You guys are all just SO COOL. 

As for my schoolmates. They are all ewww. Not for anything related to their fashion sense at all but for their personalities of ultra-witch types with their witch laughter and their scary flirting abilities with any object pertaining to the specie known as boys. I'm not kidding. They all have this way of just being really flirty and grossly giggly whenever there's a boy figure around. Sometimes, it just makes me want to scream and shout in pain because there's nothing more agonizing than hearing a bunch of giggling squawks in a room that happens to have good acoustics. If I heard them giggling in my front door, I will get a shotgun (I will magically have one at the moment) and I might accidentally shoot them mistaking them for hyenas. But then after seeing what actually might be on my front porch, I will probably go to juvy and get kicked out of school. BUT SERIOUSLY. GIGGLY FLIRTY GIRLS WHO ARE WITCHES MAKES ME SO ANGRY. I'm trying to have my peace and introvert thoughts till a bunch of giggly gooses decide to pound on full volume with their mouths. It hurts my ears. That was just a little rant because gosh, they just get on my nerve so much okay.
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