Well, hello, hello there, Polyvore! Long time no see. I have a bunch of new followers who I have to say HELLO to. I don't know how on earth I still have followers despite my long time departure. But man, I'm just so happy to be back and with new followers. 

First thing's first, what HAPPENED TO POLYVORE. I just took a short break and all of a sudden, this place is some remodeled Facebook?? I don't get the hashtag, neither do I get the "like" in the comments. It sort of pisses me off that there's an option of liking a comment. Now, instead of people taking the time to reply in thank you's, all they do is like the comment! And I find it kind of saddening how some people actually go to the top sets and advertise their sets in the comment section. People are like "please go to my page, you will like my sets!!111" and in my head I'm just like no no no no please don't do that. I check people's pages out with out them even asking for it. It's just my common courtesy. What I also hate is the fact that people could just see whatever items you've saved. So every time I save something, people are going to get to save exactly the same things on exactly the same day. It's so easy to be so unoriginal now. Everybody has their own taste so I think people should have their own bit of privacy when it comes to saving items of their taste. I know there are some people here who literally copy item per item on someone else's set. Luckily, I haven't had the chance to experience such but I am extremely disappointed in the new format :/ I'm not saying that I own anything here, it's just that the things I save for my next set to come isn't much of a surprise anymore if I were to use it in my sets. With my saved items out on my page, I'd be pretty predictable (although my sets really are pretty darn predictable aha). BUT I just don't want my saved items being on my front page... it looks so dang messy :/ 

I could go on and on about how much this new format bothers me but it's actually 3:20 AM here hahaha and I am cramming for some tests. Don't follow my example, kiddos! Anywho, I'm sorry if I sound like a total donkey in this post, I'm just pretty whacked out considering the time ha! 

This set is to be dedicated to 
@hortensie Jimmy Page is life hahaha. I hope you've mastered your Led Zeppelin on the piano ;) 
@sophiesb My psychologist friend, I long to reply and do know, I read your messages when I feel down :) 
@hijabikebabi I SENT YOU A LONG LONG EMAIL which I hope you get to read :/ 
@tell-me-more Dawwww, you really thought of me when you heard Queen? I am so touched you don't even know. I want to cry really. 
@sara666x ROGER WATERS just
@janjoplin a belated happy birthday! ;) But I promise to make you a belated set okay??? :D 
@gilmoregirl BAM! My 60's pal! 
@robot-in-a-box Come here you! :) *hugs 1000 times*
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