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Well, this nice fashion website has invited me to partner with them and advertise their clothes and in return, they shall reward me with beautiful, sweet, glorious gift cards. In other words, FREE STUFF and there ain't nothing more pleasant than hearing the words "free stuff". Now, I understand why some people's descriptions are full of links. It will be my turn, I bet, to have links and all. I also have to put in their logo but I decided to not put their original logo because it was red and I'm such a color scheme freak that if any color looks misplaced, I want to scream out and eat spicy cheetos with out drinking water, ya know? And I don't want to eat it with out water because my throat will feel like Zorro's just been in there marking Z's everywhere. The point is, their logo is red and it will ruin this entire set so I had to make my own logo for them. They might hate me for it.....

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