Well, I seriously could not find any photo to match this outfit so I just place a striped shirt Bob Dylan in replacement. I honestly am slipping away from Polyvore due to all the heavy loads of schoolwork I have to do and it's somewhat saddening. I really do miss replying to everyone after one second of someone posting a comment or sending me a message but now, it's like I could barely keep up and I have 180 something unopened messages and it's ALL GROUP INVITES and as much as I want to say thanks, I think about all the other I haven't replied to and I like equality which of course is my way of making up an excuse for my laziness. I just wanted to let you guys know I've been busy is all and since I'm really lazy at the moment, a big thanks to whoever sent me a group invite. I really appreciate it and am truly honored but I have reached my group quota and all I ever see on my activity dash is group announcements of contests I would never win and am also too lazy to submit anything for. I don't know, it's the start of the year and I feel lazier already. It's probably because it's just 2 more months before I get to college (AND I AM TOO EXCITED I DON'T KNOW). BUT before I get to wear a toga and throw my hat up in the air and scream and cry of joy for finally leaving high school....

I have to do my thesis and because my school is filled with sadistic maniacs, they made the thesis just like the one's you see students taking up their masters in college. And it's going to be very hard, you see. There will be a painful panel of four people (one person being my principal) and you will have to defend your thesis till you fail. The best way to make the panel all soft or warm or fuzzy around you is if you cry right before the presentation. That is if your panel isn't the scary witch speech teacher of mine. Panel includes three people who are "qualified" to judge your thesis and there's my principal who is a fixed pain in the butt. Now, about the witch, there have been haunting stories of students crying before her which doesn't activate niceness but ultimate cruelty. She will scream at you for crying and tell you to stop crying and get on with the presentation. It is not a pretty sight. I asked my brother to buy me a harmonica for Christmas so I could play it like some prisoner in New Orleans style. 


Also, a big fat hug to @hijabikebabi, I KNOW YOU WILL FIND THAT INSPIRATION and when you do, I predict it as a top set, dude.

WOOPS, I just remembered, I had to advertise something uhhhh from persunmall.com

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