This set is for @kk49 super rad pal okay and @golddustwomanxx who is equally rad and @lisacarter71 because for some reason was reminded of her through Charlie Chaplin :) 


I've taken a little break from promoting that brand *whistles nervously* because it is quite a bummer having to come up with outfits with such a limited catalog.... Also, once more, I didn't pass another college of my choice but that's okay because that must mean God wants me to be in an arts college for sure. I had two main choices of school which was between this top of the tops school (which 3 of my siblings are currently studying in) that didn't offer me a lot of arts related courses but had like one or two that was a course that mixed weird things together then there was this really fab arts school that one of my sisters study in. It's not as high ranked as the other school but it offers more things for the arts related future and since I didn't pass the entrance exam of that non arts toppy tops school, I guess it's just the arts college for me now. 

And just because I didn't put a smiley next to my last sentence there, doesn't mean I'm not happy about it. In fact, I'm thankful because I know exactly where to go :) and heck, one standardized test won't define my intelligence. Although, I'll have to blame myself for not taking high school as seriously as I should have (don't follow my example, kiddos). I really hated Math and Science and because of that, I found interest in more artistic things and thus, why I am going to pursue a career in the artistic field so that settles my destination in life ho ho. In less than 4 months, I'll be starting college and I'll be majoring in architecture (cry with me). THIS IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN and I will tell you all about my adventures as an architect student (WOW). I haven't gotten my results if I passed the arts school or not but more or less anyone who takes it passes because only very few choose to apply for it because the arts isn't as appreciated here sadly. BUT THAT WILL CHANGE SOON MY FRIENDS. The arts will rise and those academic butts will realize how much they need us fun people ;D 

And hey, if something is not meant for me then it really ain't meant to be, right? I can't even imagine myself paying full attention to my Physics teacher talk about electricity circuits....
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