Debbie Harry is too cool for school. 

I, on the other hand, am uncool and in school.


I begged my dad for at least a USB keyboard for my laptop and now, I am using one and life is pretty smooth. I also have no more excuses for not doing my thesis. Thesis, for those who don't know what it's like, is this terribly long research paper. Imagine writing an essay times 20 and then defending it in front of really rude people like my teachers. In other schools, they don't actually have any oral defense with just one person however, since my school is really wonderful, I have to defend my thesis paper all alone :( 

My thesis paper is all about how important visuals arts and music is in education. My school has a dreadful system where music is given very minimal attention. Around 45 minutes a week and with a lousy teacher (I have a lot of stories about THAT TEACHER). I don't know if my school will ever accept change because my school is just traditional as heck like REALLY TRADITIONAL. Imagine these old Chinese grandpas who prefer clogs to sneakers. I am not a fan of my school and I don't know if they'll be a fan of my paper. Either way, I'll be graduating in JUST A FEW MORE MONTHS omg. I am really looking forward to college. I am also sort of scared because I am totally unsure of the people out there but one thing I know for sure is that college will be a hellu lot better than my high school. How's everybody, by the way????????? I MISSED YA ALL and I have been saying that for the last 203923 sets because that is how I seldomly go here anymore. To my new followers, HULLLLOH and to my long time pals, I still love you (any co-Freddie Mercury enthusiast out there?). 

Also, I just watched Flipped and it is too cheesy for my life, bye.

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Wrote two years ago

Wrote three years ago
omg you did not but please inform me on that & your piano recital & the news on it
like did ya pass ??

Wrote three years ago
@kk49 thankkkksss bby <3333 omg have i mentioned that i am done with thesis and that i sucked butts really bad, will let u know in detail some time later
@sharmarie THANK YOU SO MUCH AND AT LEAST YOU UNDERSTAND! I wish you could scream at my school and have them shiver at your authority as to have them cancel it but I already went through the defense and it was absolutely horrific! :( Oh, how I wish they could abolish that terrible requirement! And oh dear, it is incredible how his records will still live on. His legacy shall remain <3 Have you heard that Brian and Roger will be touring in North America with Adam Lambert? I don't know if I should be happy or sad!
@limabean-347 OH DEAR I HOPE YOU FINISHED ON TIME. EWWWWW OH MY GOODNESS AND YES I ALREADY DO KNOW. In fact, I went to a college tour quite recently AND IT WAS WONDERFUL. Do you know what course you're going to take up in college? :) AND THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
@hijabikebabi MALO, I FAILED THESIS HAHAHAHA AND NO, MY WRITING IS ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS. I really suck at formal writing actually. I didn't edit my paper enough :( and MY PANELISTS WERE BRUTAL. I am just happy they didn't make me repeat the whole thing :) And you are the arrow, fabulous text post icon god to me ;D

Wrote three years ago
Duuuuuuude. Good luck with the thesis!! Even if the content is rubbish (which it most definitely will not be) the examiners will be so astounded by the silky smooth writing style of yours that you'll pass anyway ;D Or well if I was the examiners that's what would happen ahahha.
Great styling yo, your minimalist style is iconic to me :D

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