okaaaaay guys... i'm going away tomorrow to celebrate midsummer with my relatives but i'm coming back on saturday night. BUT i'm leaving again on sunday, and then i'm gone until maybe the 13th of july?

i've got loads of sets in my drafts to try and publish when i'm away, but i'll probably not be as active as usual :) just so you now.
hope you're having a nice summer-break, if you have one that is <3




Wrote three years ago
@thanksforthetip omg it sounds so cool! :D i googled it and it looked like a lot of fun. Hope you have a good time tonight dear <3
@myduza-and-koteczka Thank you!! <3<3
@hijabikebabi Thanks dear!! haha yes I automatically presumed that ;) take care <3
@mamb-a thank you! :) <3 xx
@ichangemyname Thanks sweetie! <3 xx
@scatteredtracks gonna miss you too :/ take care alright? <3 xx
@yourbestnightmare thank you dear <3 :3

Wrote three years ago
i hope you have a good time on your trip! c: enjoy your midsummer celebrations too!

Wrote three years ago
i'm gonna miss you ):

Wrote three years ago
Ohhh I'm jealous ! Have a really great time on your trip !

Wrote three years ago
And I will add this into my collection in a while, it's not letting me at the moment :l

Wrote three years ago
Oh this outfit is cute :) I will miss you and your sets but don't worry about updating your page, just have fun on the trip!!! You know I wanna hear aaaaall about it when you get back ;D

Wrote three years ago
beautiful! :) have a lovely trip! :D

Wrote three years ago
it's an ancient tradition! from Barcelona to Murcia, we all have bonfires... you can see it from space. It's called "Noche de San Juan", the longest night of the year. We swim and some peolple do "rituals"... I have personally never tried any of them (not really believe).

Wrote three years ago
@thanksforthetip we celebrate it on friday here i believe :D omg i love bonfires we never have those here :'O

Wrote three years ago
we celebrate that on the 24th! hahaha we have bonfires on the beach at night! ^^

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