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First Challenge - In lieu of us being in Hawaii, design a look for your gal on a gorgeous beach shoot perfect for the Maui sands, and the VS Swim catalogue, of course! Good luck!

- - - -

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Camille wanted to keep her look simple, but sexy to emphasize the overall feel of a typical Victoria's Secret catalogue shoot. She chose this vibrant and fun outfit for the photoshooot because of it's similarity to the overall theme of Hawaii. She stuck with very warm and vivid colors to continue with that tropical feel and in a very Victoria's Secret style, she chose to wear a sexy bikini. A simple shawl would suffice as a coverup, but that obviously would come off half-way through the photoshoot. Since the shoes were very patterned and colorful, her bikini and shawl were going to be a simple, solid color. And speaking of her shoes, she chose to offset the warm pinks and oranges with a contrasting blue/green tropical wedge, perfect for the sands of Hawaii. As for accessories, the only obvious choice would be to go with a collection of leis, to further emphasize the tropical/Hawaiian look.

- - - -

"Well, well, well, if it isn't none other than Miss Camille herself," the photographer said, grinning from behind his camera as he stood on a large rock to get the perfect shot.

His name was Javier and he and Camille obviously had a history together. Then again, in this industry, pretty much every had a (fortunate or unfortunate) history with Camille.

Camille smirked back and flipped her hair as she got into place, ignoring his comments as she settled herself into the sand for the first series of shots.

"I thought the fashion industry shunned you for good the moment you stormed off the stage at the S/S Prada show?" he questioned, taking a few test shots before settling back into place and awaiting Camille.

She scoffed and tossed her head back, causing the off-set assistants to hurry over and fix her hair so that her curly locks cascaded gracefully over her shoulders once more.

"I'm making a comeback," she grinned. "And as the New York Times so elegantly put it, I'm like a phoenix rising from the flames."

"You won't be for long," Javier remarked.

"Awwh," she cooed in between series of Javier taking her photo. They had an interesting dynamic of bashing each other, then stopping to smile and pose, then continuing to one-up the other.

"You still upset that I walked off your set for the Vogue shoot?" she grinned, mischief sparkling in her eye.

"You didn't just 'walk off,' you practically sabotaged it!" he growled.

"Oh I wouldn't call it that," Camille said back.

Javier rolled his eyes and ran a hand through his hair. "You broke a camera."

"You were acting like the paparazzi. I had to do what I had to do. But don't worry, those times are behind me. I'm a changed person," she said triumphantly.

Javier took a few more shots then lowered the camera to get a better look at her. "Really, Camille?" he asked, his tone becoming more serious.

She nodded once.

"Well, then you're one lucky son-of-a-bxtch, because not many people get second chances in this industry. Don't screw it up," he warned before dismissing Camille.

"I won't," was all she said in reply.
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Wrote 4 years ago
please make sure to get the story up by Wednesday (PST)!! and also the outfit description!

Wrote 4 years ago
@lilyracheled; oh wow! thank you very much! :)

Wrote 4 years ago
This is one of the nicest beach themed sets I've seen :D

Wrote 4 years ago
@thunder-dollfaycee; awwh ^-^ thank you so much!


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