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[[ugh. there's really nothing interesting happening in the city right now, other than a cof fall orchestra concert--which i did happen to attend last week and it was very lovely--so i'm making up a random event at the mfa because i love the mfa...and because they always have great art openings.]]

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"Kennnnedyyyy," August yelled from across the Commons, waving his hand in a maniacal way. He was with Peyton, and they were both walking toward Kennedy, who was currently seated on a park bench, meticulously drawing a squirrel who was about 5 feet away from her.

Kennedy was a sight to see, sitting on a dingy park bench in the public park wearing her finest clothes: a bright red trench coat and Miu Miu dress. The guys were of similar dress, sporting dashing black suits and crisp white shirts. She almost had to admit they looked rather...handsome?

"Auuuuugussssttttt," she screeched back, sticking her tongue out playfully at her roommates as they approached. 

"Whatcha up to?" he asked, taking a seat at her side as Peyton sat on the other side, trying to examine her artwork. "You do know we need to be at the Museum of Fine Arts in, like, 40 minutes, right? And the T is running as slow as ever."

"It's true," Peyton chuckled. "It literally took us about an hour to get from Longwood to Park St."

"Ah, we'll make it," she replied nonchalantly, waving her hand in the air as she finished quickly sketching the squirrel who had long ago ran away from the loud voices of the guys next to her.

The trio was quiet again as each just decided to sit back and relax on the bench while people watching. It was one of their favorite past-times in the city.

"Oh look, it's the fifteen business man I've seen in the last 5 seconds," August remarked, pointing as more men in suits rushed by, most likely hurrying to catch the Park St. T.

Kennedy snickered and shook her head. "It's rush hour, Einstein."

"Oh, she's cute," Peyton said, pointing out a girl walking through the park. August nodded and the two of them began conversing like guys always do.

"Oh! I know her!" Kennedy gasped. "Lyla! Lyla!"

The girl, named Lyla, turned swiftly around, searching for the source of her name. When she noticed Kennedy, she smiled and waved, then walked toward her.

"Haven't seen you since the DTD party," Kennedy said, referencing one of the many BU frat parties that she happened to attend to; one of which was where she met Lyla.

Lyla chuckled and nodded her head. "Yeah, I know. It's been far too long," she replied, hugging Kennedy. "But what exactly are you doing here in the Commons dressed like you're about to go to a fancy dinner?"

"Oh!" Kennedy chuckled, forgetting the attire she was wearing. "My roommates and I--August and Peyton," she quickly pointed out the guys standing behind her. "We were just about to go to the MFA for one of their new art openings and charity auctions."

"Ooh fancy," Lyla cooed. Kennedy chuckled and nodded her head in agreement.

"They're a lot of fun, you should come with us sometime; they have unlimited champagne and a wonderful new-age dj. I can get you in for free, too," she said.

"No, definitely, I'll have to go. Just text me the next time you decide to go to one," Lyla replied.

Kennedy nodded her head. "Will do. I--"

"Kennnn," Peyton whispered, leaning an arm on top of her shoulder. "We need to go. We have, like, 30 minutes."

"Oh!" she gasped, checking the time on her phone. "Anyways, yeah, I'll totally text you the details for the next event. And are you going out this weekend?"

"Yeah, planning on it," Lyla said with a grin.

"Awesome! So I'll see you at the parties then." And with that, Kennedy, Peyton, and August waved good bye and quickly ran to the nearby T stop to catch their ride back to the MFA.
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