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Questions from: @smalmbekk
1: Tea, coffee or juice in the morning? Orange juice most days 
2: Favourite thing in your closet? Not really worn it that much yet but earlier this year I got a 1970s baby blue prom dress and am really looking forward to wearing. However if my favourite is what I wear the most it would have to be my black skinnies
3: Favorite genre of movies? I really like biography movies currently but also will be happy to love pretty much any genre. I love the cult films of like the 1970s, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest is definitely up there on my favourite films.
4: Favourite blog to read? I really like Cailin Hill has awesome style and some of her texts are really funny 
5: Whats next on your list to get (fhashion wise)? Would quite like some Birks but due to price I'm sure I'll get something else beforehand
6: Favourite way to waste a day? Reading and playing guitar/bass/drums/piano and singing musical songs loudly
7: Where do you get fashion inspiration from? On my sets I have a completely different style to what I wear in real life. Tbh most days I'll just end up in jeans and a t-shirt, I'm quite a tomboy. My style comes from lots of the 1970s rockstars, Bowie, Jagger, Daltry etc. 
8: Favourite city you've been too ? I really liked Copenhagen when I went there last year they have lots of vintage shops for like records and clothes as well as MONKI and WEEKDAY two really cool shops that I don't have near me at home
9: Eye colour? Varies between gold and brown sometimes passing through green they're magical. Dream eye colour would be blue though
10: Favourite fashion style? Would say just clean basic style I got like 15 shirts from MUJI and now they've made their way into my everyday wardrobe. I really like that kind of fashion.
11: Favourite user on polyvore? OMG this is so difficult! I really like @coubrah collages 

Questions for you:
1. Song that would be on the soundtrack to your life:
2. Language you'd like to learn:
3. Person who's wardrobe you'd want to raid:
4. If you could travel back to a moment in time what would it be:
5. One piece of makeup you always use:
6. Your dream hair:
7. Film you'd like to live in:
8. What you really want to do in life:
9. Last play you saw:
10. Do you ever dance even when there's no music playing:

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