† Annabelle Marie Dumont {Resistance, Voodoo Practitioner}
Aged: Twenty-One
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
Biography: Annabelle was raised in an unforgiving home with just her mother and younger sister. Her dad was a long forgotten memory. The three Dumont ladies seemed very ordinary during the day. They shone like the sun with their inviting smiles and helped many customers at their little shop. But when the moon came out, that shop became a very different place. It was a place of voodoo with visiting demons and strange magick. Annabelle Marie always questioned the dark ways of her mother, but still she participated in the hipshakingheartpounding ways of voodoo alongside her and her younger sister. Her mother Teresea had a Joa terrified her, but she always had a deep faith that all would be well in the end. But when her mother asked too much of her goddess, the deity grew spiteful. Hell broke open in their household, literally. The Joa took the life of Teresea and her youngest, leaving young, reckless, and knowledgeable voodoo girl of just fifteen all on her own in the world. She moved in with a powerful and much older voodoo master. His son charmed her immediately, but when they found out she was pregnant, she was abandoned once again. With a child in her arms and a race of Cursed Ones beginning to take over the world, anyone ordinary would have crumbled. Annabelle Marie was anything but. She inspired courage in her fellow New Orleanians to take heart and stay strong. Her influence waned as the vampires grew with power, but she has a courage her own that's unstoppable. She was the one that inspired the Resistance, the one that helped make it a success. Her voodoo has healed every member countless times. She seems like a tower that can never fall, but everyone has an Achilles heel. What could possibly break this voodoo mama?
Suggested Model: Sterling Clairmont


No time for long introductions, I'm Anna what do you want?

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