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1. Are you a morning grouch?: No
2. Which film makes you happy?: The Hungover I
3. Which film makes you cry?: My name is Sam with Sean Penn
4. When was the last time you roared with laughter?: a few minutes ago with my best friend
5. What was your worst hairstyle?: short hair "a la garcon" ! I have a big face and head....
6. A trait you got from your mother?: Being chic 
7. A trait you got from your father?: hmmm... Boasting (?)
8. Next to which celebrity would you like to sit during a long-distance flight?: If it had to be a woman, it would be Madonna. If it had to be a man, it would be George Clooney.
9. Where to would you like to emigrate?: U.S.A. or Finland. 
10. Sweating or freezing?: Neither
11. You get the chance to take a glimpse of the future. Do you dare to look at it?: Sure! I wanna get prepared for the next measures the Greek Government takes!
12. How would you have named yourself?: My name is Maria and it means "sea" but it's a very common name in Greece and all over the World! If I had the chance to change it. it would be an ancient greek. Probably Nefeli which means "cloud" -clouds in ancient Greece were little Goddesses, daughters of Zeus.
13. Do you think one can learn from mistakes one made?: Absolutely yes!
14. Is you favourite piece of clothing the most expensive one you've got?: Yeap... it's among the MOST fave!
15. Utopia or realism?: Maybe both.. we need to dream sometimes! Don't u think?
16. What would you consider worse: being blind or being deaf?: Blind... U can't see the beauty and ugliness of the world.... on the other hand, being deaf is good... at least u can watch and read the others' lips!
17. How many people you know from kindergarden are you still friends with?: none, because I changed school and didn't kept in touch!
18. Historical drama or science fiction?: If the director and actors are good both are welcome!
19. Europe or America?: BOTH! 
20. Poetry or prose?: P O E T R Y ! I write myself!
21. Do you wish you were born in another time?: Yeah... 
22. If yes, which time? : In ancient Athens of 400 b.C. but only as a male! 
23. Is it fun to sometimes observe others?: Yes.
24. Why?: Because u can "LEARN" people!
25. What do you think of this survey?: Interesting...
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