You can't even attend elementary school, not to mention high school, college, movie theatres, malls, etc., anymore without having the risk of getting murdered. This is sickening. The man somehow got those GUNS and went into an elementary school because he was pissed at his parents and shot 20 CHILDREN and 6 adults. I can't. Why isn't the government doing anything about this? It's NOT too soon to talk about stricter gun laws. This nation is way too obsessed with guns. We should've talked about this after Columbine.

I live in America and I am disgusted with my country. We allow these things to happen EVERY SINGLE DAY. 36 people every day are murdered by a gun. I don't care how you slice it, it's because of the gun. Without the gun, most of those people would still be alive. Any coward can kill people with guns. These people were CHILDREN. Why aren't there stricter gun laws? I really hope Obama grows some balls and gets this shitt together because we Americans are sick and tired of all these mass shootings.
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