I was tagged by @live-love-shop c:

1. Fav song this summer?
Get Lucky-- Daft Punk

2. First thing you do after waking up? 
Check my phone

3. What animal would you like to have? 
A kitten c:

4. If you could meet only one band who would it be?
Um maybe Dog is Dead because i love their music.

5. Do you consider yourself as a heartbreaker? 
not at all.

6. What kind of boys do you like? 
cute smart ones with a good taste in music and can hold intelligent conversation

7. Do you like poetry? 

8. What's your fav male model?

9. What are your fav lyrics from your fav song? 
"We are a mess, we are failures, and we love it!" 

annnnd now I tag...
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