I'm never coming back on polyvore. the people on polyvore are just bitches. Say whatever you want in the comments below, but I won't listen too whatever the fuckk you say. I don't give a shitt about polyvore anymore or about any of the people on polyvore.

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Wrote 4 years ago
I'm not taking any sides but.........................
i seriously thought polyvore would be fun, but look how it turned out. You lie about your name, and people you bullied that never bullied you. I forgive everyone. I ahve nothing against you, only the crap you post on this website. just start new, and hope everyone will frogive you

Wrote 4 years ago
if you want to leave, then leave. Announcing you're leaving is going to bring drama. I hate drama here too, but it's all about how you handle it. People won't be rude for no reason to you;; it's all how you act here. Even if they do, how you act changes what happens.
Obviously most everyone is tired of you seeking attention and all the drama. If you don't want to deal with poly-drama, leave. Don't bring more by announcing you're leaving or coming back.
I love your sets + hope you stay, but only if you there isn't any drama.

Wrote 4 years ago
you know i have nothing against you.
or for you, to be quite honest.
but i'm just really tired of you saying you're quitting polyvore, then coming back, then hating on other people like @chloeadorable25 .
she never, E V E R, bullied you tbh.
if anything, you bullied her with all the tumblr hate...
so yeah, being christian,
i do forgive everything.
i guess that could be a flaw of mine.
but that doesn't mean i wish things didn't stop.
you're bringing old polyvore back.
as in...
old, / b a d / polyvore.
not the cute, old, summer - y poly we came to love,
the annoying old poly where it was full of drama.
is that what you want?
do you want polyvore to be full of drama?
polyvore is a FASHION website.
sure, we can all post little rants or something,
i know i do.
i talk about my day, and yeah, sometimes my days are crap.
but you're just asking for attention.
"oh, i need someone to p.m. me."
"i have no followers."
and blah blah blah.
you lied about not - getting any christmas presents,
you lied about your name,
you lied about being new,
you lied about so many things it's sick and just....annoying.
reminder, i'm not taking sides.
i lied about my name too, once, so yeah i get it. whatever.
but your account, chiaralikestheswag....
there was NOTHING wrong with it.
you just quit.
i don't know what to think about you anymore, chiara/dylan.
i'm not taking sides...
if you're quitting polyvore, do it permanently, leave and never come back. be done with it.
stick to tumblr or something.
but just quit.
if you're staying on polyvore, okay.
i'd suggest making a new account for a fresh start.
but don't lie about it.
say your name is chiara,
say that you had previous accounts.
no one will be judging you then,
as long as you don't lie.
the end.

Wrote 4 years ago
grow up please.

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