This is for the Asian Monthly Challenge (June):
15. Short&handsome [handsome male Asian idol who is short]. I chose Jonghyun :) I really loved the colors in this picture 

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1. What is the thing that inspires you the most? People, colors, patterns, movies and food

2. Describe you in three words. Hmm...Funny, quirky, girl

3. When you buy clothes or shoes, what is the most important for you? How it fits on me, and price

4. What would you do when you feel sad? I don't really do anything differently, I just do it while I'm sad

5. What is your guilty pleasure? Eating lots of chips and desserts :D

6. What is it that you like in yourself? I like how I can make myself laugh

7. And what is it that you don’t like in yourselves?
My social awkwardness

8. Are you obsessed with something? If you are, what? Maybe kpop

9. What is your favorite Disney movie? Wreck It Ralph!

10. What is like that fall in love with someone? I have no idea, I have never fallen in love

11. What your best memories in your life? Spending my birthday with my family at a local carnival

Happy Sunday!
July 7th, 2013
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