Contrary to what a lot of some of the other fans are saying, I'm really digging Epik High's newest album. Some K-Netizens are complaining about how it "doesn't sound like Epik High". Well, excuse you. I wasn't aware they had a "sound" they had to emulate each and every time they released a frigging album. They're experimenting. Big deal. Artists do it all the time. They don't need to be constrained to one style for the rest of their careers. And let's be honest. The only reason a lot of K-Netizens are butthurt is because Epik High moved to YG and, apparently, K-Netizens hate YG. I don't understand the logistics behind that, but what I do know is this: this album is Epik High's NOT YG's. Sure, he can have YG artists feature on their songs, but the songs are Epik High's. Some people were complaining that Big Bang could have sang the songs, too. Now, I love Big Bang, but L O L. I'm sorry, but they are honestly not comparing Big Bang to Epik High. They're two completely different styles and sounds. Honestly, had Big Bang/GD/whoever came out with UP rather than Epik High, I don't think I would've liked it half as much. The song has a distinct Epik High flavor that's present in all their songs. From their rapping styles to the lyrics themselves. They're all Epik High. Them being in YGE now won't change that. 

Totally unrelated, but I had a bit of a scare today.
For the past few weeks I've been feeling like I'm going to get my period -- cramping and bloating and feeling generally crappy. However, I got nothing. Now, apparently, ovarian cysts are common in the women in my family, so it only makes sense that what I have now is just that. Anyway, back on track. So I barely paid attention in my Language and Society class. I was zoning out and I was really hot (because the classroom was like a fricking oven). By the time class got out, I was hungry, hot, exhausted, and I needed to use the bathroom like nobody's business. But what I wanted most was to go back to the dorms. The walk to the dorms from where my class was takes about 10-15 minutes. The first five minutes or so weren't so bad, but once I started getting closer to the dorms I knew something was just wrong. The pain in my ovaries was just... I was getting dizzy and I half-expected to either pass out or puke right then and there. I'm surprised I made it back to the dorm in one piece. I looked like a mess. I was dripping with sweat, my cheeks were really red, but I was sheet white. Some girls got into the elevator with me (because no way was I going to take four flights of stairs in my condition. NO WAY) and I was seriously worried I was going to vomit all over their shoes. That or collapse. Surprisingly, I made it into my hall in one piece. I hoped my roommate was in so that I wouldn't have to unlock the door by myself, but no such luck. I fumbled with the key and, as soon as I made it inside, I dropped my bag and jacket on the ground and just half-collapsed on my bed. I nearly sobbed with relief because I was scared and relieved that I was finally back at the dorms and not stranded out on campus in pain. After a few minutes, I managed to compose myself enough to use the restroom and get changed out of my sweaty clothes. By then, the pain/nausea had subsided, but I was still really scared. That's never happened to me before. Ever. I ended up calling my dad and he said to keep an eye on it and call 911 or him if it gets worse. Hopefully it doesn't. Still... I really don't want to repeat that again. That was the most terrifying thing ever. I hate being sick and I hate feeling helpless. What's even worse, though? No one really stopped to see if I was okay. I'm not saying I wanted someone to, but I obviously looked like a wreck. If someone had even asked if I was alright, maybe I wouldn't have felt so scared and helpless. I don't know. It's just... Never mind. 

Anyway, it's over. But I don't want to repeat that feeling. At all. Some part of me just wants to skip classes tomorrow and sleep... I don't know. I'll see how I feel tomorrow.
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Wrote 4 years ago
@sparsile Woahhh... I got back to this so late... And you've disappeared again. I'm sorry. ;A;
It was nothing to worry about. If it happens again, though, I'll see the doctor. I'm feeling much better now. Thank you. c:

Wrote 4 years ago
Do you have a health center on your campus? I think you should check them out if you do, because that sounds pretty serious.
I hope you're feeling better now though, dear. (/ 'w')/♥

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
@dragongirl142 It was. ;~; And I hope so, too. I'll try my best to stay healthy. Thank you! ^^

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