I stared at the cell phone glaring at the screen. Who is this gossip girl and why does she seem intent on destroying lives. Well that maybe exgaterring but still.

I thought about avoiding school but i actually liked school , so i went hoping i could hide or something. Unluckily hiding was impossible in Thames.

"whats is wronge with you today?" i looked up and saw Will . "this" i said throwing the phone at him "yes its a lovely cell phone" i rolled my mens they know nothing "read gossip girl" i said in a fake happy voice. 
"and whats the problem?" he asked "everyone knows" i pratically cryed "its gossip girl , thus people would think its gossip" he said as if its the most simple thing in the world "i guess" i said glumly. "any whats the big deal if people did know" he asked "uhm everyone would know". I could tell he wanted to say more but he didnt.
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