Seattle, the capital of fu.cking clouds and fre.aking rain. We were all packed and ready to go back to school, when an e.vil genious decided to stay here. 
Mr. Principal will sh.it a cow when he finds out but whatever. Nic was driving down the next day so we all decided to just hit a bar.
I was more than Shocked when I saw the dirty blonde strands of hair, that could only belong to Jace in the crowd walking back to the hotel
“we are going to a bar tonight and you will sit with him” Nic said approaching me.
“yes Ma’am” I smiled and saluted her. She gave me her half smirk, since she never really smiled.
We walked in. everyone seemed much older than they really were. Well exept for some. But that is just for another time.

I fixed my hair, with a typical hair down do. I slipped on my boots and the small knife inside them. I now carried it all the time when I was out of school it was small but Tyler assured me it was lean and long enough to cause some damage. 


“looking for a good time?” I heard some throaty voice ask someone I turned around quickly the voice reminded me so much of that night. 
We were all sitting in the bar, not bothering to look for a table.
He was talking to nic, poor bas.tard, I smirked to myself. Jace was sitting next to her. And I was still wary about sitting next to him. I really did not wanted to do it just because Nic told him to. I really didn’t even looked at nic, she was more than capable of taking care of that
But I did as told and sat on his other side, he didn’t even looked up from his whiskey.
But Nico smirked pleased at me and then turned around to the gross man.
“I don’t have time to fu.ck around with you, back off” she flipped him off.

“Come on blondie, just a quick fu.ck” he whispered getting closer to her. I considered myself friends with nic, even though she might not, I did, and fuck I was getting pissed off. That’s how it was with me. And Nic might be a badass. And might not have love for anyone, but she aint wonder woman.

“Why don’t you take you fuc.king dirty talk and shove it down you a.ss, dic.k, im sure its pretty wide from all the di.ck you take” she said and stood up.

“You will regret this bit.ch” he warned and she laughed. I did look now and I saw red. It was him. HIM!

The fucking as.shole that… did that to me. But I had to play my cards right I was more than sure I would have my chance with him and this time it was him going down. For good

“Yeah? Call me up on that” she said and came to sit on the other Sice of the bar next to me.

We talked about nonsense sh.it she always saying something to Jace for him to try and talk to me. But fu.ck the boy was almost inactive. She sighed frustrated.

“im taking a piss, don’t fu.ck on the stool” she 

teased and he snorted. Ouch much?

I followed her with my eyes and saw the creepy guy following her with his gaze too. I stood up and Jace did too, I guess he saw what I saw.

He stood up and started making his way to the girls bathroom. Jace started moving. But right now I was seeing red. I was beyond mad. I was fucking furious. No matter how much Nic can hate someone. Or how much sh.it she’s been through cause trust me the only thing we know about her is that she is being through he.ll and back. But no reason, nobody needs that.

I held up a hand to his chest

“I’ve got this” I said it was the second time I’ve talked to him more than one word

“Alexandra, he is bigger” he said, and right there I did not care about his fucking velvet voice.

“I said I fu.cking got this” I said and pushed him back to his seat. I was really different when I was mad.
Nothing was important.

I crossed paths with the guy luring him to me the shorts hugged my ass nicely and the sweater was knotted at my waist line.

“hey handsome” I said putting on the mask, I hoped Nic wouldn’t see me. She wouldn’t have let me do this, she would have done it herself but this bast.ard was going to go through hell. He never recognized me, but now I was fully sure it was him

“Hey babe” he said trying to look seductive
“I saw you back there” I said trying to keep the mask on I was so passed being mad, I was now in demon mode. Not giving a shi.t about anything or anyone right now.
“You did?” he asked. Probably forgotten about Nic.
“Im so hor.ny” I said leaning over and whispering to his ear. I had to fight the g.ag reflex that was about to make me puke.

“That can be fixed” he said and pushed me right into the back door to an aley. Right before I waked out I shot a glance at Jace, a finger to my lips telling him to shut the fu.ck up.

He nodded slightly.

“So you like to fuc.ked? Naughty girl?” he asked, I could already see his growing erection.
“yes, So hard” I moaned.

His eyes flutered.

“You like to ra.pe girls right? Follow them to the bathroom?” I said and was thankfull his back was to the wall, I in a slight move took the knife out of my boots.
“Lure them in, or just follow them, and then you ra.pe them?” I asked in a voice I really did not recognized.

“What are you talking about?” he asked “I thought we were going to fu.ck” he said.

“Im going to teach you how much it fucking hurts to be fucking ra.ped, maybe not with details but you will get the point. And one scream, and I’ll swear, you wish you would never stepp foot in this place again.” I said and smirked

“Who the fu.ck are you!?!” he said trembling. How funny to see someone trembling, and even funnier when it was a full grown man against a little girl.
“Im you freaking dea.th” I said and stabbed him in the stomach.

He grunted.

“get away from here you psico bit.ch” he said and tried to walk away, trying too, to get the knife.

“No, no, no, name calling? Tisk tisk” i said and pushed him to the wall i had no idea how i was being so strong.

I ran the knife trough his face.
His eyes widened in fear.

I pushed the knife just hard enough to leave a train from his cheek to his shoulder ripping his shirt.

“You know how it fucking feels?” I asked and he shut his eyes.

“please let me go” he whispered. I laughed darkly. Looking at him with innocent eyes.

“I told you that, over and over, I cried, and you fucking little di.ck kept going this time im the one that is not going to stop and there is no one here to save you” I said and chuckled when I saw the trail of blood leaving his body.

“you crazy bit.ch!” he screamed.

I ran the knife thorug his mouth, I told you not to talk. I said and now he was clutching the sides of his mouth.

I stabbed him again this time closer to the heart.
He screamed out in pain, I laughed.

“no one is coming, but the end is close I said and took the flask from the bag tossed over the floor, I had another shirt and my vodka there.
I poured it over him.

“I’ll see you in h.ell” I said and threw a match over him. I could hear his screams and gru.nts as he whimpered under the now blasting flames.
Maybe it was over the top, but now I could walk around safely.

I changed into a black dress right there. Took off the sweater and blood stained shorts, and walked back inside. Nic was now gone, and there was Jace, still staring at the door.

I took a seat next to him.
He quirked an eyebrow.
“it had to be done” was the only thing that left my mouth. Maybe I was the one without words tonight
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