-"Princess" by Matt Nathanson.

I absolutely love making dolls (first started by Camille, credit to her), but this took me so long to complete! Most likely because I'm a perfectionist with the proportion and skin tone. Although this is far from perfect, I like it. :)

I just wanted to thank everyone for all the views, likes, and comments on my sets. I appreciate them! You are great.
This is all new for Maury. She's never been pampered nor has been the object of attention. That being said, while Maury is logical and concise and tends to be conservative, the fittings helped her reveal her VS charisma and jerked a performing, playful aspect of her. The fittings do check the size of the costume, but also the vibe it gives with the model. They make sure everything looks perfect, from the skin tone to the design; and also bring any area of the model that needs improvement to attention. Maury loves the escape that comes with the fittings-it's like a sultry version of dress-up, and the model must project the VS brand through the lingerie/costume. Maury embraces the challenge of connecting with the audience and her first major live exposure. She loves the fittings because they're reassurring and slightly nerve-wracking at the same time!

Maury first tried on a simple green lace one-piece lingerie with cutouts, then a stunning red Valentine's Day number. The staff also looked at a dramatic yellow outfit for PINK and a whimsical floral purple set, but nothing fit like the one above. She was honestly amazed by all of them; but the final outfit was surreal, and by far her favorite, because she would never pick it for herself yet it made her radiant. The last outfit was Cinderella-themed, with all the grandeur of a princess minus any tackiness. A demi bra made up of a breathtaking combination of jewels attached to Cinderella gown-styled puffy sleeves and cropped intricate blue sleeves. The thong bottom is shimmery lace with, again, jeweled accents. The wings are purely the winding, swirly Cinderella's carriage-they are also embellished with crystals!

This feels so...foreign, I muse. This cannot be real. I'm walking to fittings for the VSFS, which I'm modeling in in a week. Is this really me? This can't be happening.

I push these thoughts out of mind and yell, “Hold the door, please!” towards the direction of the elevator.
Caroline luckily stopped the doors, and I gratefully stepped in. “Here for fittings?” she asked, picking up conversation.
“Yes! You too?” 
“Yeah. I’m excited to see what they’ve come up with this year.”
“Me too. I hope they give me something that’s super sexy.” I smirk. Honestly, I'm so nervous right now I don't know what's coming out of my mouth. Obviously I'm going to pale in comparison to Caroline!

“I’m more of a glamour girl.” C flashes me a grin.
The elevator stopped, and we walked into the room together.
“Caroline, Maury!” Monica exclaimed. “Right on time. Maury, you’re going over with Dominic, and Caroline you go over to Alicia.”

I take a deep breath, and take slow, measured steps to the man she points to.

"Well, hello you stunner, are you prepared for your fitting?" A crisply-dressed brunette in front of a board of already-photographed models addresses me. The whole room is buzzing, from the directors to the seamstresses to all those providing feedback to the other models, and the bright white lights are almost blinding.

"You must be...Maury," Dominic approaches me with the rack, all business. "I have a feeling the outfits will look just as planned!"

I blush and add, "Thanks, sir, I would hope my work pays off." He grabs my arm and leads me over to the curtain, and places my first outfit in my hand. I'm proud of my shaking hand for not dropping the beaded piece right on the spot!

My reflection in the mirror is not what I expected. I've never worn something so intricate, so detailed. I've never been given so much of someone's effort and attention. 

I peek my head out from the curtain and bear a huge grin, "Whose ready?"

Monica chuckles and nods, and I strut out in front of the white background. I'm loving every moment of it and enjoy seeing everyone's various reactions.

"That's a keeper!" Ayla comments from the doorway. I don't bother wiping the huge grin from my face as Char joins her and sits in the nearby makeup chairs next to Evie, Naomi, and Thea.

"Alright, we will call you back in a few minutes to try on your second number," Domininc states, and Monica moves on to the next two girls.

I bounce over to Ayla, Klara, and Char, relaying Lo's and Monica's message to Thea, "Hey guys!" I begin, "Thea, Lo said she wants to see you, but I'd love to save your spot for you."
"Yeah, sure" Thea slides off delicately and I hop up to the chair, doing my best to enter the conversation with Naomi and Charlotte. Oddly enough, Klara remains silent.

It leaves me to my own thoughts, and Ayla has to call me a few times before I realize I have to go back to the actual fittings.

"Wait until you see this one," Dominic whispers excitedly in my ear, and as Monica quickly fixes my hair, he pulls an ensemble from the rack that leaves me speechless-the deftness of the bra, the fact that my butt will practically be bare, and the height of the heels don't even compare to when he tugs at a pair of extravagant wings that swirl with crystals. Between the choker and sleeves, and the carriage-lookalike wings, I realize I am Cinderella; I am royalty. I try not to tear up, and pose instead. 

My childhood was not wands and tiaras, but instead a constant corrupted circle of fighting for survival and becoming an adult. So the nod to the princess is almost overwhelming.

Finally, Dominic adds a delicate tiara atop my curls, and I shoot a fierce look to the camera. I'm never living that destitute life again, I promise myself, I have no option other to be an Angel. The air is light and fun, yet Monica holds her breath as I take a definitive step towards the camera.

She's beaming at me, and it's as if I'm on top of the world.

xo, Maur

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