Friday - Today Megan has allowed us to all drive down to her parents house in Malibu which is right on the beach. Her parents are out of town and so we're going to spend the day lounging on the beach, sipping drinks, and splashing in and out of the water and then come night time we're hitting a club in Malibu and Megan's allowing us to sleep over at her house for the night. Try not to get too wasted. 


I hadn't been to the beach in a while not since last summer when I spent the whole six weeks at my home in Miami. I missed the sea, the sand, everything. I ran my hand through my hair as I forced my Prada shoes and black dress into my hand bag and zipped it up quite forcefully. My phone lay on the bed buzzing. I stroked the screen lighting it up, I had a text which read simply "Let Me In. x". Frowning I made my way out of the bedroom and to the front door, peeping through the spy hole I sighed happily. It was Jack. I swung the door open and he pulled his hands out of his pockets before walking in. 

"So going for a swim?" he asked before pulling me into him and kissing me once on the lips but still holding me close.

"Actually Meg's invited us all to her beach house in Malibu for the day." I smiled.

"Cool." he said staring intently into my eyes. I knew that look and I felt his hand straying down my back and playing with the lining of my bikini.

"So I'll have to get going." I said gently slipping out of his arms and turning towards the bedroom.

I could hear the slow pad of his converse on the wooden floor as he followed me silently. I smiled to myself before turning abrubtly on my heels to face him. Not expecting my move he bumped into me and grasped me in his arms. I grinned.

"I know that look and I know what you want but this is new." I said gesturning to the bikini.

"Whats that supposed to mean?" he frowned.

"You're not a patient person, nearly everytime we have sexx you ruin my underwear with your hastiness!" I laughed.

He smirked a little. "That's not true." he laughed.

"You know it is. The amount of times I've had to buy new lingerie because you ripped my panties or broke a bra strap. Seriously I must be Victoria's Secret best customer." I said.

"Ok I admit it." he said.

"Anyway are you coming?" I asked.

"To the beach?" he asked almost shocked.

"Yeah. I won't be getting back til tomorrow. Meg's letting us stay the night. We're going to this club in Malibu later tonight. It'll be fun come on." I enticed him whilst pulling shorts and a vest on. I sat on the bed waiting for his answer whilst pulling on my boots.

"Ok but I'll have to swing by my house first." he said.

"Sure." I grinned pulling the bag onto my shoulder and grabbing my phone and car keys in one hand whilst taking his hand in the other.


After visiting Jack's to get his beach clothes we were finally on the road to Malibu. My Gucci sunglasses were in place as I took my car smoothly weaving in and out of cars on the motor way. I felt lips on my extended arm and instinctually gripped the steering wheel tighter.

"Jack!" I exclaimed half serious half playfui.

"Mmm." he answered working his way up to my shoulder.

"Don't distract me while I'm driving." I said with my eyes on the road knowing that if I happened to look at him whilst he was kissing me I would more than likely pounce on him, leaving the car to its own devices and killing everyone in our path including us... however it would be a good way to go.

"Fine." he laughed in a way that said 'I knew it wouldn't work." 

He flipped open the glove compartment pulling out my pile of cds. Aerosmith, The Beatles and Joan Jett featured heavily. I watched him through the mirror. He rolled his eyes at one CD I had.

"Journey's Greatest Hits. Seriously?" he asked raising one of his perfect eyebrows playfully at me.

"Fuckk you. They had some good songs...cheesy but good." I giggled.

He slid one CD in and as soon as I heard the harmonica I was smiling. It was Pink by Aerosmith.

"Ahhh I love this song." I screamed.

"PInk it's my new obsession. Pink it's not even a question." we sung together loudly as the car whipped down the road.


I was walking back onto the beach with two bottles of beer and a cocktail full of delicious alcohol to get me buzzed. I was already struggling to keep the drink from overflowing as I walked on the uneven sand which shifted beneath my feet when a guy almost collided with me.

"Woah!" I cried wide eyed as I steadied myself and gripped the ice cold glass tighter there was a mini vodka tsunami inside my cup but luckily non spilled.

"I'm really sorry." the guy said looking down at me with puppy dog eyes.

"No worries." I smiled up.

"It's a wonder I didn't notice you." he said in a voice that rose higher as he said 'you'.

I laughed fakely. "Was that a pick up line I just heard?" I asked cocking my head and scoffing.

"Only if you want it to be a pick up line." he smiled smoothly.

"No I don't and please watch were your going next time." I smiled sweetly before heading back over to where Jack sat.

"Thanks, by the way what the fuck did he want?" he asked as he took the beer bottle out of my hand.

I sighed plonking myself on the floor whilst pouring the contents of the other beer bottle into my cocktail.

"Well.." Jack asked his voice getting a littler more snappy.

"Can we not do this here today. Nothing he just apologised for nearly knocking me over." I said while swirling the straw around my drink.

"That's all I didn't know saying 'I'm sorry' took five fucking minutes." he snapped.

"Would you just calm the fuck down?" I hissed.

"It's like your just fucking blind do you honestly not see the way he looked at you?" he asked.

"IOh my god, seriously! I was just /talking/ to him! Its not like he was going to r@pe me on a public beach!" I yelled standing up and glaring at him. 
"He was looking at you weirdly!" Jack said taking a swig of beer.
"Just don't talk to me, ugh." Irolled my eyes at him before turning to see London and escaping his pointless anger. "Any cute guy and /he/ has to chase him away.../Jack/a*s." I muttered as I walked up towards her.. 
"Awh, he's just like looking out for you." London scoffed. 

"I can take care of myself." I said like a sulking child.
"What-" she began but didn;t finish as Freya cut in.
"Hi guys," she said, I looked up at her.
"Hey..." I said, tilting my head and looking her up and down. 
"Mind if I join you?" She blushed, poor girl, innocence wasn't going to get her anywhere here. 
"Uh, sure?" I made a face at her which was half sarcastic half nice and then looked at London who shrugged silently. 
"Hola chicas!" Saddie said, walking over, she shot Freya a weird look and then ignored her. "Know when we're heading out to the club? The beach is a bore."
"Not sure, but I hope we leave soon." London whined.
"You /just/ got here." I snorted looking at her exhaustedly.
"Yeah and I'd like to leave." she roiled her eyes.
"You know, I think we should make a record of this day." I said firmly. "London's gone this whole time without busting a nerve or being all over a boy."
"Shut up!" she said pushing her me over quite forcefully. I laughed.
"Let's go inside," Saddie said, yawning, we all followed. 
"I need to use the restroom," I declared standing up. 
"Me too, tell me when you find it!" London called after me. 
I rolled my eyes as I walked down the corridor. There were numerous doors all made out of a dark wood and all identical. This was going to be a shot in the dark, I grabbed the handle pushing the door open the sight that greeted me was unexpected. Megan and the guy who's name always managed to escape me were pushed up against the wall and panting loudly. 

"Seriously door locks!" I shouted as I slammed the door behind me and returned down the hallway laughing to myself.

"What did you do?" Freya asked accuslingly as I entered the room snickering to myself, she raised an eyebrow. 
"I just walked in on Megan and what's-his-face." I explained taking a seat next to London.
"Shit!" Saddie laughed. 
"Ewh, c-ckblock much?" London laughed. "Did you at least find the bathroom?" 
"No, imagine if I had that would be like a world record p*ss."
I laughing at my own joke.
"You're disgusting," Freya laughed. London got up to go find the bathroom.

"Thats just something your gonna have to get used to." I smiled at Freya.

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