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"Violet, I had no earthly idea this was taunting you so much. Why hadn't you told us this before?" Chloe asked me, with concern in her voice. It was morning and we were making our way out of Constance Hall to classes.
"Well, that night, when I showed you girls the letter, you know, at our little girls night in?" We continued walking through the school garden as I looked at her and she nodded "Well you all made me feel so much better and I thought that if I gave it a little more time everything would get better and I would stop worrying so much, but it hasn't. As a matter of fact my dreams have gotten worse."
"Dreams!" she stopped "Vi, you hadn't told me about any dreams. This is getting to be a bit forbidding. Whoever or whatever this is, it's got to be trying to tell you something."

Chloe was right, for about a week I had been having the same distinctive dream. I would be slowly floating through a bright, white mystic like abyss. Then the bottom would be in sight and as I began to land in the deep feature of space I would see silhouettes but I just could not make them out. At first, I just thought it was some random dream I was having but after a couple of days of having the dream and the same thing happening I could not ignore it any longer. 

"I know, but I'm just so afraid of what it may be. I know whatever it is, it's got to have something to do with my sister." we sat for a moment at one of the stone benches in the school garden and Chloe looked as if she had a sudden spark in her eyes.
"Tell me Vi, have you been working much on your projection craft?" she looked at me earnestly.
"Yes, I have actually I meditate on it every night. Why do you ask?"
"It seems like this dream is not going to go away anytime soon, and you can't just keep on ignoring it" I looked at her knowing exactly what she was thinking
"Chloe, do you really think we're ready?"
"I know we are, and what kind of friends would we be if we just stood by and didn't help you with this" she said sincerely
"Oh I really hope so. Thank you Chloe, you really don't know how much this means to me!" I said capturing her in a tight hug, feeling more than a little hopeful
"Violet don't be silly you, don't have to say thank you to us" she said laughing
"I know, I don't but you don't know how much this has been bothering me. I'm just so happy to have such great friends to help me, but wait" I thought for a moment "that would make only four and we need one more to make four elements?" I said getting worried again
"We're lucky to have you and don't you worry about our fourth element. Just meet me here after school we can start meditating together tonight"


"Remember class essays are due at the beginning of our return for Thanksgiving break!" Professor Wilderman shouted as all his pupils rushed out of his class. 

I had been a nervous wreck all day primarily from the conversation Chloe and I had, had earlier that day. I mean I was extremely ecstatic that my friends were going to try to help me finally get to the bottom of this mysterious awakening but I couldn't help but feel a bit nervous about the outcome. I mean there was no guarantee that we would successfully achieve projection. We had not completely mastered that particular craft and we hadn't even found anyone to help and be the fourth element. As I walked on to my next class all of these thoughts ran through my head and I became a bit fretful.

"Violet!" I heard from across the hall and my thoughts were abruptly broken. I looked to find Owen walking towards me with a smile and I tried to smile back.

"Hi, I didn't see you today after second class, you usually wait for me?" 
"Oh yeah, I had to try and make it to my third class early and talk to Professor Bantur about one of our assignments" I lied

The truth was I really had too much on my mind, that I knew Owen could never understand. It was times like these that I really second guessed the feelings that I had for him. He was truly an amazing boyfriend but it was just so much about me that he never would know or be able to understand. I didn't mean to be harsh towards him but because of this it often strayed me away from him. I desperately needed him to understand the true me, the real me and I knew he could never.

"Oh, no worries" he said without second thought and smiled at me "Hey I was thinking today after school, there's going to be a play of 'Ashes to Ashes' at the Beafurd Theater. Since we had to read the book, I thought it would be good if we both went to see it... I got us tickets" I exhaled heavily and his smiled turned into a straight face 
"I would love that really but, .... I really have lots and lots of studying to do and I already set up for a tutoring and everything." 
"Oh .... well that's okay I should've asked anyway, I guess we could catch it over break or something?"
"Yes, that would be lovely" I smiled halfly
"Violet, tell me is there something wrong?" He looked at me, there in the hallway in the midst of all the students and it was as if time slowly stopped when he asked me. The look he had in his eyes was indescribable, it was a look full of solace and gentleness. It made me want to just fall into to his arms and let it all out, everything that I had been going through. But I knew I could never do that, I found myself getting fastened to the look in his eyes and I couldn't speak. I just shook my head slightly and finally replied "No, nothing is wrong. I'll call you later tonight" and walked away.


I quickly rushed out the door of my dorm room, but not before grabbing my wand. Disguising it as a hairpin, I stuck it in my hair and locked the door to my dorm room. I was supposed to be meeting Chloe in the garden and we would then go to the third floor to begin meditating for projection that night. I was extremely nervous and excited at the same and felt as if I was going to boil over at any moment.

"Violet! Violet!" someone called from behind, finding myself somewhat startled I jumped and turned to see who it was.
"Oh, I thought you weren't going to show" Libby said eying me somewhat skeptically.
"Oh my goodness! Libby I completely forgot I was supposed to be helping you practice your wandless magick!" 

With all of the commotion that had been going on I absolutely forgot that I had agreed to help her and that instant I felt horrible at the look on her face. It seems like I had been warming up to Libby just a little. She was beginning to accept the fact that was a witch and there was nothing she could do about it. 

"What! How could you forget? You told me you would help" she said accusingly
"I know your right I did and I'm so sorry but you must know that I wouldn't cancel on you unless it was extremely important" I pleaded with her 
"I can't believe this!" she continued
"Libby please! I can help you with you wandless magick tomorrow however long you want, I promise. But this is just something I can't put off!"

She looked at me for a second and her looked soften at the look in my eyes.

"Oh, okay" with that she walked away with her books in hand.

I really did hate canceling on her and I knew I had to make it up. I had been working so hard with Libby and just when it seems like we were taking a step forward we took two steps back. I quickly turned to continue on my way to the garden. Once I got there I spotted Chloe in the same spot we had been sitting at that morning, chatting with Willow.

"Vi!" they both called at the same time beckoning to me. I smiled and hurried over to them
"Okay we're all set for tonight!" Chloe said excitedly as she looked from me to Willow "I asked Willow and I think she is very able to help us as the fourth element!"
I smiled and captured Willow in a tight embrace. I was so happy that we might have a strong chance in actually being able to project tonight.
"Oh thank you so much, Willow!" 
"No don't thank me, I'm just happy that I could help!"
"Okay so Becca and Ivy are waiting for us on the third floor now getting ready. Are we ready girls?"
"Definitely!" I said looking at both of them


Night had fallen in the sky and we had been meditating for about two hours now with no results. Ivy, Becca, Willow, and Chloe had all made a circle around me. Each in front of a lit candle that represented one of the four elements they represented. We were all in serious, concentration mode and trying very hard to stay focused but it seemed as if I was just lying there waiting for something to just happen and I couldn't relax.

"I just don't understand what we are we doing wrong!" Becca protested breaking the sullen mood
"Becca please, just be patient, we all knew that we might not get any results tonight, it may take a day or two." Ivy assured us 
"But we still have to be patient." Chloe said getting up and pulling a relaxation potion from the third floor cubbord "here we can try once more, drink this it may help"

We all passed the small jar around and took a small sip, after she put the potion back and positioned herself in the circle. After a few moments we could feel the potion take effect, we grew silent, and we all started to relax. I began to feel myself drifting off as if I were about to fall asleep but I inhaled controlling my urge to completely fall into a sleeping stage. In unison I could here the girls around me begin to softly chant:

'Guide the spirit and the mind
To the goddess help us find
Show her what her sisters fate
Give wisdom and blessing before it's too late'

This helped me go deeper into my state of projection and I could feel myself projecting. I couldn't believe it, I was actually doing it. I had to control myself not to get to excited because I knew getting too excited, I would ruin everything, so I remained calm. I felt the tingling start in my legs and move up to my shoulders and for a moment my whole body was tingling with a sort of electric vibe running through me. I did it, I was separated from my body and suddenly I found myself in the dream I had been having floating through the same white sparkling abyss. The same as in my dream I found myself slowly floating down towards the ground and the same silhouettes, I squinted my eyes and tried to make out the physical forms. I came closer and closer to the ground, only this time unlike in my dream I actually landed on the ground. I finally saw them out of the bunch and as I had hoped it was my sister standing, smiling with her hand stretched out as if she wanted to take me by the hand. My feet softly hit the ground and I took her hand. It was so amazing to just see her face, I had not seen her face in ages.

"I've been waiting for you, I'm so happy you made it." she spoke in a soft trance and took my other hand
"I got your letter" I said somewhat overwhelmed and confused
"I know, it was me who was calling you here. I knew that a letter just wasn't enough I had to make sure you were okay"
"Yes, I'm fine"
"No your not. Have I been troubling you lately with the way I left?"
I didn't say anything, she was right
"I'm sorry I should have told you something but I knew I couldn't, my calling was something that I was just destined to do Violet. It's something I take seriously and it's nothing that you or anyone else could have prevented. I wish I could tell you more but I can't I just want to let you know it's okay for you to trust again, even if it is a mortal."

What??! I stood there so confused and I could feel myself getting emotional. I tried to control it but this was just to overwhelming. I had to control my emotions, to stay projected so I tried relaxing myself more. 

"Elyza, why do you keep saying that, what type of secret are you trying to hide from me?!"
 "It's no secret, I'm just fulfilling my destiny but it must remain unknown" she smiled and I felt myself getting more frustrated
"Well are you okay I just can't help but worry about you. You just up and walk out of my life and expect me to just accept it and be okay! I can't I don't know how I ever will!"
"Violet, don't get upset, please. I love you and I'm dearly sorry, that's why I called you here to let you know that I'm okay you don't have to worry about me. I just want you to know that it's okay, okay for you to trust again don't let what I did to you cloud your judgment." 
"What do you mean? I don't understand if your okay why can't you just tell me?!"
"Just remember it's okay for you to trust" I began to feel tears roll down my face. 

The soft trance of her voice began to fade I could no longer hear her and I could feel myself coming out of my projection state. My surroundings were also beginning to fade, with my eyes closed suddenly all I saw was black. I opened them and Becca, Ivy, Chloe and Willow were still around me but the moment I sat up they let go of each others hand and gathered closer around me. They all were looking at me in amazement and I just sat there crying, I was so confused.
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