"Seriously S, it's no big deal. Sean and I can just drop them off by the studio on our way to dinner with his parents"

"Oh my god D!! I soo forgot you told me you were having dinner with his parents tonight! No I'll come back I couldn't do that to you!"

With all the hectic-ness of graduation soon approaching I guess everyone was feeling the wrath. It seemed like I hadn't seen any of my fellow Billing's girls in like forever. With parents in town, social events almost every night of the week, graduation practices, and our responsibilities outside of school it's a wonder we hadn't collapsed from exhaustion. Thankfully this hectic whirlwind would be coming to a calm in less than twenty four hours. I still couldn't believe it when I thought the words over in my own head. Tomorrow we would be finally graduating from Victorian Academy. 

Rightfully, we had been out to breakfast with my parents and in the same day we would be having dinner with his. I was so excited to be seeing his mom and father again. I knew they liked me alot. But I was always so paranoid for some reason, that I would do something wrong unknowingly and hos mom would just stop liking me. As silly as it sounded I couldn't help it. 

"Summer sweetie, your having a cow." I laughed into the phone "Besides it's gonna take like forty five minutes for you to come all the way back to Billings from Marc's when I'm already here. I'll just have Audrey open your door, grab the pieces, and the restaurants right on the way. I can drop them off then"

"D, are you sure?"

"I'm sure. It's already done, I'm on my way to Audrey's room right now." I smiled at the reflection of myself, brushing on some final touches of blush. But then a thought ran across. We were having dinner with Sean's parents tonight...did I have on too much make up?

"I swear D you are THE best! Oh and tonight .....just be yourself. Sean's parents love you sweetie so no need to stress okay?"

I didn't say anything I was still frantically trying to tone my makeup down a little

".....D....uhhhm hello...."

"I think I put on too much makeup" I blurted nervously

"Honey, you look fine. I'm positive."

"Summer you can't even see me" I retorted

"Maybe so but I think I know a way you can tell if you put on too much makeup."

"What is it?!" I asked anxiously wanting to know

"Simple. First, walk out of the bathroom and ask Sean if he has some extra black cuff links for Marc tomorrow night"

"Okay," I shrugged, opened the door, and walked out with the phone still to my ear "Sean, babe, Summer wants to know if you have an extra pair of cuff links for Marc tomorrow?"

He looked at me and did a double take. I smiled as he slowly walked over to where I was standing. He didn't even answer my question.

"Baby you look amazing." we kissed with the phone still to my ear

"Yeah D I'm still on the phone you know. I can hear you guys swapping tongues" Summer voice came through loud and clear

"Shut up" I felt my cheeks warming

"See looks like my plan worked, I'm sure if you had on too much make up Sean wouldn't be all over you right now"

"Okay, okay your right. I'm overacting. Thanks S we'll be over to drop the pieces off in about thirty?"

"See you then" I hung up the phone. 

Sean was still positioned in front of me with his arms around me 

"So to start off from where we last were. I think I was telling you just how beautiful you looked and how I know we're about to go have dinner with my parents all but there's no time like the present" I laughed 

"You think I'm joking?" he said playfully

"As good as that argument would be" he was kissing me in between my talking"and is...we can't.....we've got to drop something off at Summer's studio on the way over. Plus I don't think us doing this literally seconds before we go in front of your parents is going to help my nerves." 

"I promise you I can change your mind about that" He said slowly into my ear as the sensation of his tong.ue inched down my neck 

I held my breath and was speechless for a few seconds. He knew what this did to me on the inside.

"Sean baby,...I don't..." I stopped as he laid me on the bed. How did we get to the bed?

"It'll be quick Docia baby I swear. Don't take this away from me. Just relax" he looked into my eyes as he eased down my stomach parting my thighs. I didn't stop him.

"Sea-..." was all I could say watching him lift my skirt.

"Shhhhh" he began to kis.s the outlining of my lace panties. Maybe he was right or maybe this was a bad idea. But either way as he slipp.ed them off, I gave in ............


"Baby I sooo cannot believe we just did that! We are going to be late Sean" I shrieked as he and I headed from Summer's dorm

"But was I not right? Did it not work?" he smiled at me knowing I couldn't deny

We were so much in a hurry on the way out we almost didn't recognize the familiar being coming up the Billings steps with bags of Chinese in his hands.

"Sean, what's up!" Hart laughed as he and Sean slapped each others hands in greeting

"Hart, nothing just headed out to dinner"

"Hey Hart, don't tell me Mia's planning on rehearsing all night again tonight?" I looked at him and the bags of food in his hands

"Yea, you know how she is" he smiled "if she's gonna do it, she's gonna do it to perfection"

"Sounds just like the Mia I know, did I even have to ask" I laughed "just make sure she gets enough rest tonight, will you?" I yelled after him as we walked in opposite directions

"I will!" he yelled back 

Moments later Sean and I were seated in his Range going down 112th. He decided to call his parents just in case we were a little late. Which if traffic was as it normally was we would be.

"Yeah mom we're like twenty minutes away but traffic is really bad." He talked with her and assured her we were on the way. 

"Sean what if she could tell?"

"Tell what Docia?" 

"Tell...you know...what we did before we left my dorm" I gave him an eye

"Babe relax" he laughed at me "with the way your acting now your practically going to give it away"

"I'm sorry but I just think it's going to be kinda hard not to think about you and what we just did, with it fresh in my mind" I smiled at him

"Docia, are you getting back nervous again? Do you need more of-" he joked

"Sean stop it I'm serious" I laughed at him

"I'm serious too. I can pull the car over you know? The windows are tinted, we can just get in the back-"

"Sean!" I looked at him

"Okay okay I'm only kidding"

I eyed him playfully as he continued to drive. Though it wasn't a bad idea. The only thing was I had no idea what I was going to do to not think about what we just did while sitting at the table smiling in front of his mother................
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