I sat on the bench right outside of Constance Hall and tried my best to focus on my Book of Shadows that was disguised as my Literature book. Owen was supposed to be meeting me here any moment so that we could go for a walk in the park. Even though I knew a walk in the park was something we both barely had time for, with school being back in full swing. I just couldn't say no to the sweet little note I found at my locker left by him asking that I join him. It seemed like more and more he found new ways to make my heart melt and I couldn't resist it even if I wanted to. Afterwards I decided it would be wise for me to check on Chloe since Willow told me she would be going by her dorm right after school let out. Right now, I decided to use my time wisely while I waited, I wanted to come up with a few more useful spells for the girls on the third floor but so far I only had one. 

"Is this seat taken?" I looked up to see Owen smiling with a twinkle in his eyes
"Maybe it is, maybe it isn't" I replied in a flirty tone trying my best not to smile
"Is that so?" he pulled me up close to him, grabbing my wrist as I placed my book down on the bench
"Yes, .... it is" I let out a laugh as we finally shared a kiss right in front of Constance Hall
"You know, I'm supposed to be meeting my boyfriend here any second and I don't think he would be to happy to see you kissing me like this." 
"Well, we better leave before he gets here then. I'd hate to have to be the one to tell him someone else has left with your heart." he played along with me

We kissed for a second longer catching stares from a couple of students rushing past us in the midst of all the craziness about the campus. We began to walk but not before I went to grab my outwardly disguised Book Of Shadows. But Owen being the gentleman he is somehow grabbed it seconds before my hands could get to it.

"I'll carry this for you" he said not taking a first look at it
"Thank you" I smiled nervously hoping that for whatever reason he wouldn't open the book

As we headed towards the park, I knew I had to magickly switch the insides of that book before we got any further. We quietly continued to walk which was definitely a plus for my concentration. Should I attempt to change it while he was holding it? I knew I couldn't do that surely he'd notice the magick taking place in his very own hands. He placed his arms around my shoulder and gave me a smile as we walked on, I smiled back. I thought about what could happen if he opened my book and with each second I grew more and more worried. 

With no other alternative I quickly thought of a chant in my head:

'A beautiful day, for a walk on the way
I need something quick, black, hairy, and fat 
Across our path, a big huge rat!' 

Suddenly right before us one of the hugest and most grotesque looking rodent came wobbling out of the bushes and straight across the path we walked on. Owen drew back, putting his arms in front of me in a protective manner, the book slinging out of his hands in the process. For a second I was even taken back at the sight of the creature but I quickly spotted the book and with a magickal zap of my finger it's insides were changed. 

"Where on earth did that thing come from?! Did you see the size it? My God!" he said bending down to pick up my book somewhat bewildered
"Don't worry" I smiled "I'm right here to protect you"
"Are you kidding? You were just as afraid as I was" he chuckled

A feeling of relief swept through my body as we started to walk again, hand in hand. I was relieved the diversion I came up with worked out so perfectly but I couldn't help but think what about next time? I could not let that happen, ever again.

"So how was your first day back?" Owen asked interrupting my thoughts
"It was good, but better now" I smiled somewhat forgetting what just happened
"Good, I like seeing you happy" he smiled handsomely as we strolled along

I couldn't help but grin with an apparent blush but I didn't care, nothing could change the feeling I felt at that moment. It was a perfect day and I couldn't have magicked up a more perfect moment if I tried. As we continued to walk , I could see something up ahead spread out along the grass. We got a little closer and my grin widened even more as I stopped in my tracks for a second. It was the cutest sight I had ever seen, a blanket spread out along the grass with a bouquet of flowers and a little basket on top. 

"Awwww, Owen, did you do this? For us?" I said, my hand covering my mouth
"No," he smiled "I did it for you"

I stared at the picnic right ahead of us and looked back to him, all I could do was smile. I smiled so hard for a moment my cheeks were hurting. He came close to me and pulled me into his arms. 

"I love you" 
"I love you too" I said into his ear 

That afternoon was as if we were the only two people that existed on the face of the earth. There was no such thing as a mortal or a witch, we were just two people who felt the same love. The same feeling of pure, flourishing love ........
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three comments

Wrote 7 years ago
I know, every time I think about it I crack up but I was desperate!! :DD - Violet

Wrote 7 years ago
lol i can't stop laughing at the rat thing

Wrote 7 years ago
good :) so claen style !!! i like the girl



talented roleplayers of polyvore

talented roleplayers of polyvore

have you ever noticed that roleplayers on polyvore don't get as many favorites as people who aren't in roleplays? sometimes roleplayers are soo much more talented than the people not in roleplays, but we don't get credit since we're "just making up stories from books". no, we're not! we're expressing ourselves through our sets. (mkay, that was corny!) join this group and join the movement of undermined roleplayers!

make your roleplay sets popular;

make your roleplay sets popular;

the name speaks for itself.

?For the love of Role Plays!

?For the love of Role Plays!

This group is for people is aboslutely love role playing on polyvore! You are aloud to submit any of your sets that you submit to your RPs group on here too! Any owners of RPs want to advertise their RP here, just PM one of the moderators! When we get enough members, we'll start doing contests for different role plays, (with owners premission)contests for different characters, or even just contests for best RP story! Join today and help more people join YOUR role play!


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Stripes vs. Plaid

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