i’m afraid, you’re afraid–we’re all afraid together, and we can all fight together. this isn’t the end of our fighting; this is just fuel to make our fights stronger and more meaningful. you’re not carrying the burden by yourself, i’ll help you–people around you, here, will help you. if you need to talk to anyone, look around you and see–everyone is in pain, everyone is in tears, and everyone is losing hope, but we all have the same plight and supporting each other is the easy part.

this situation isn’t easy.

you’re valid and your opinion is valid. you’re valid and what you stand for is valid. you’re a human being–and every part of you, gender, identity, sexuality, every part of you is valid. don’t forget that not only do you matter, but your voice and your mind and your strength all matter–it’s all a part of you. don’t kill yourself, don’t maim yourself, you’re someone important and despite the pain, it’ll be okay.

there’s so much to live for.                                              

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