Ophelia Leon
likes;; her glasses, sweaters, full-length pants, reading, mathematics, being smart, having skill, and science
dislikes; people who aren't smart, people who make fun of her, party animals, being in love, and sweatpants
nineteen/ senior/ Athena dorm
Ophelia Leon - the second you hear the name you begin thinking "mathlete", "nerd" and "perfectionist". Ophelia isn't shy or embarrassed about loving math, loving being perfect and dressing to the nine's while still being modest. The only reason she may feel a little uncomfortable is if you start talking about parties..a lot. She won't bombard you with science formulas and math equations to show off, but it's her secret passion and she loves it. Ophelia loves being the quirky cutie and seeming innocent. Ophelia is nothing near innocent though, she witnessed both her parents' death at a young age and she grew up with an adoptive mother. Either way, Ophelia is glad to be a part of the Underwater group and loves her life. She's rarely sad or tired, she's full of energy and fun. Since Ophelia never got to know her parents, she doesn't know entirely what her culture is. She is part Hispanic and part German. Ophelia is fluent in many languages and dialects and she's not afraid to show it. She seems like a know-it-all and can sometimes be very, very eaves-droppy but that's because she understands every conversation whether it's Mandarin, Lebanese or French or even Bengali. She is constantly teaching herself new things. She loves being fashionable (you'd never think it, huh?) but she's the conservative stylish girl with her own sense of weirdness and individuality incorporated in every outfit she wears. Ophelia refuses to wear sweats because after all, "You are what you wear." Her adoptive mother and father were both very wealthy which in turn made them send Ophelia to Coral University, the one Lia has wanted to go since she could barely speak. They fulfilled her desire and now Lia loves her life at Coral and has made lots of close friends. She doesn't show off her wealth by her clothes, she dresses pretty low-key but her brain is buzzing with wealthy words of wisdom. She seems to be quoting things from movies, books and famous celebrities. She travels a lot and is always flying in and out of the area, or should I say, swimming in and out of. Not many people like Lia at first sight (except her friends) and that is why Ophelia sometimes can get lonely, but when she's lonely, don't mistake it for being sad or depressed. You'll almost never see her frown or cry. 
Barbara Palvin 
Taken by: istyle vous etse si vain (? hopefully ?)

Top 4:
1. Ophelia Leon, Ophelia Leon, Ophelia Leon! 
2. Alena Widmore
3. Charlotte Roriskova

☀Mood- Welcomed/excited 
♜Scent- Sea Buck-thorn Berry Splash 
♧Hair- French twist/bun 
☁Nails- Gargantuan Green Grape - OPI
♬Music- "Saltwater Room" - Owl City 
☝Where- Fifth Strip (shopping)
✈Twitter- Buying a new winter wardrobe
☆Outfit- Turquoise top, sequined mini skirt and teal green/blue heels, perfect for the sea. Cocktail ring and of course, my white sunglasses.

"Welcome back, Miss Leon." Yvonne Dallas greeted cheerily as I walked into her boutique, piling my bags and purse onto the glass counter. "How was your trip?"

I checked my phone for the time and slipped it back into my purse. "Oh, hello Yvonne. My trip to Melbourne was fantastic, thanks for asking." I handed her my credit card as she rang up all the merchandise I had picked out. Lots of teals, greens, turquoises and navy blues. Aquatic was my theme for the season.

Yvonne finished with all the clothes and rested her chin in her hands as she leaned on the counter. "Good to hear you had a nice time." Suddenly she broke out in French. "Qui y était avec vous?"

"Juste moi, madame. Je suis allé avec mon agent et les gardes de sécurité de papa. Aucune intimité." I said quickly as I gathered all the clothing and put them in bags.

She frowned, which was expected from an empathetic person like her. "Pauvre de vous. Well, carry on. Have fun today l'achat de vêtements."

"Je le ferai. Je vous remercie." And with that, I walked out the boutique. I kept checking my phone for the time every other store I went into to make sure I wouldn't be late for my study date at the library. 

Finally, my shopping was done and I went to my dorm to put all my new clothes away. I felt so excited when my wardrobe was fresh and I smiled at it, admiringly. My ride came and it drove me to the library. Where I would meet Mallory, a new girl at Coral University. I was supposed to tutor her in science and teach a little German along the way.
As much as I j'adored learning, I despised teaching. I had absolutely zero tolerance, no patience at all. Can't you tell by the way I was constantly checking my phone like a loser? 

I walked into the library, setting up all the supplies needed. Textbook, paper, pencils, German CD, etc. After waiting for twenty lengthy agonizing minutes, I saw a redhead walk into the Study Corner. She appeared to me as looking like a mermaid. I laughed at myself for thinking something so superficial. 

"Hallo. Ich bin Ophelia Leon. Schön, Sie kennen zu lernen." I smiled and held out my hand to her, very professionally.

She looked at my hand and sat down. She got out her books and looked at me again. "What in the world did you just say?"

"I said My name is Ophelia Leon and it's nice to meet you."

"Oh," She bit her lip. "I'm Mallory Jenkins, obviously. Are you going to help me or just sit there and stare at me?"

I was shocked at her forwardness. "If you want to learn, let's learn. Chapter four, page six-hundred-ninety-two and paragraphs 17-21. Lesen sie." 

"What?" Mallory said rudely. I could now hear a faint Texan accent. She was definitely not on my favorites list.

I groaned, my patience already getting tested. "Read."

She rolled her eyes and began.
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