So, my personal goal is to compliment people when ever I see something about them that I think is remarkable. It started out as a selfish thing, I thought if I gave more compliments I would get them, but soon it was the act of seeing someone’s day go from blah to excited when you notice something that they love or, especially, didn’t love about themselves in a positive light. Now, I can honestly say I’m not always good at this, I have days where I just don’t feel up to saying anything nice, and I have times where I feel like if I say something I’m going to somehow come off as creepy or like i’m trying to hit on someone (which is a shame, that giving any kind of positive attention to someone can be misconstrued as a sexual advance), but I do try. The reason I decided to write this is that I recently had a talk with a friend who I think is unquestioningly gorgeous. You know those kinds of people who just make you wanna grind your teeth when they bring up their own insecurities? One of those. Well, we were talking and they said, “You can tell me a million times, but you’re the only person that tells me.” I guess I’m just saying, be nice to each other. Not saying mean things is not being nice. Be active in your encouragement of each other. We all need it. 

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