Tabitha von Bleicken

Collab with the stunning @chrissykinz 

13/1- Aveline's end of holiday party! It's that time of the year again where you scatter around to find extravagant clothes. This year Aveline's going back to her ancestor days, yes girls its time to dress like Marie Antoinette's court. She's going all out, expect a carriage in front of your house at 6pm sharp to bring you to her mini versailles. There would be 'let them eat cake' contest too, so prepare yourself! 

"Nice to know you are sticking to the theme" I spoke as I looked down at Staz's outfit, smirking slightly as we walked into party. 

Staz sighed, "Well, I am a rebel you know" she said, laughing slightly. I rolled my eyes, "Oh yeah I can see that" I said, hinting with sarcasm.

"Oh shut up!" Staz said, nudging my shoulder lightly. Though I definitely felt her strength through the nudge, I don't think the girl knew her strength.

"So, do you plan on getting wasted in the most classiest way possible?" I questioned with a smirk, knowing Staz didn't like the expensive wine I typically enjoyed. "You really need to drink the stronger drinks, Tabby" she paused, "live a little wilder." 

"You've already seen what many glasses of champagne do to me" I reminded her. Staz laughed loudly, shaking her head, "yes, and it's so sad." 

"I think it's your turn to shut up now" I joked. "Oh, whatever" Staz laughed, as she glanced around the overly decorated room. It fit the theme perfectly as did all of the other girls' outfits, in a way, I felt underdressed. 

"One day I'll introduce you to my friend vodka and you can have a blast" Staz grinned. 

"My idea of a blast doesn't involve puking my guts up" I chuckled. "What a classy image" she joked, laughing with me.

"Well, it would certainly be memorable" Staz replied, continuing with the humorous though unappealing joke.

"Yeah for all the wrong reasons" I said with a casual shrug, "But that isn't going to happen." 

"So, what do we do now?" Staz asked, glancing around.

"I don't quite know" I confessed, finally seeing the other girls. I always feeled like the odd one out as I never seemed to take advantage of all the money and fame and all that jazz. I was almost certain that I was the only girl out of the group that still cleaned her own room or didn't rely on a maid. 

"I always feel kind of lost at fancy parties like this" Staz told me, it comforted me a little to hear this. "Me too" I nodded slowly as we approached the other girls who were all dressed up, definitely making me feel out of place.

 "Where is your costume, Staz?" Aveline asked sounding slightly annoyed.

 "Well, my brother's theatre group had some period piece they were doing and I offered it to them" Staz explained.

"Your brother studies communication" Annabelle said, smirking a little. Staz shrugged, "Not my concern. Shouldn't we be eating cake or something?" she questioned.

"Cake will be served shortly" Aveline replied, now eyeing my outfit. "I see you put more effort in then Staz" she commented. I looked down at my outfit, it was fancier that what I would wear on a regular day. Truth was she was lucky I had put in effort. 

"I didn't have anything from the era, sorry" I apologised, smiling gently. "You could have bought something, I gave you enough notice" she replied rather quickly. 

"I didn't want to use money for a dress I'd wear on one occassion" I shrugged, glancing over at Staz. Both of us seemed to be the rule breakers by wearing things much more than once. "That's you, always wearing things more than once" Aveline smiled, before sauntering off toward the kitchen. 

"I think you look good" Annabelle told me. "Thanks" I smiled, "you girls make me look under-dressed though" I added. 

"How do you think I feel?" Staz chuckled, shrugging.

"Oh shut up" I said, "You love all the attention. Especially of the male kind" I added, tilting my head in the direction of a few St Jude boys. In return, Staz rolled her eyes.

"I didn't do this for attention" she added.

"Right" I nodded slowly with a smirk, noticing that Quentin wasn't amongst the men invited. 

"There's no need to pick on me when you're living a boring life" Staz joked. 

Oh dear, I wish my life was boring.
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