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This is my new template and you guys can use it if you want! But the first thing your set has to have in the description is that it's a template made by @jessicaluxcahill or don't use it!

What happened today? Err... yesterday now, I guess! Me and my uncle went to the mall to go eat Chik-fil-a and see a movie!

The line at the movies was too long so we were like f-ck that and we went to Barnes & Noble.

At B&N there was a Doctor Who booth in the middle and we bought some stuff from there! I couldn't believe it, but they had a giant box set of all the Doctor's sonic screwdrivers {so far} that cost about 80 or so u.s. dollars and I couldn't help it! I bought it and I haven't opened it yet, because it would lose it's value!

We wanted to get the DW board game but my cousins have it, so we decided not too. There was a cute little Dalek notebook that my uncle bought and he's gonna give it to my little brother as a late Christmas present.

We also got the character directory! It's just a book that has all the characters and all about them! I've read a few pages, and I called my mom and told her about it, and I might start reading one character to my little brothers before they go to sleep every night! Although, some of the characters are pretty bloody gruesome, so I don't know.

But the best thing we bought... was a OUIJA BOARD! We're planning to summon the dark lord Satan soon! We want to contact ZoZo too! But my aunt is like obsessed with this stuff and she said that the first thing you ask a spirit is it's name and age. If they say their age is 0 you have to burn the ouija board, because it's a demon, hence the age 0 because it's never been born!

We're p-ssy's though, so we haven't even opened it yet! I'll tell you guys all about it when we do it! I might record it and post in on if something freaky happens, which I highly doubt.

"This ain't the brady bunch, it's the bad girls club!"
-Jessica Luxington Cahill
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