Haiya ▲ 

Just had mai first day of school! :) It was really good! 

Are you happy?.
Are you happy how you treat me.
How you treat me like I'm not even there.
Well, obviously it amuses you somehow...
I like to believe,
Believe I'm still on your mind.
But to me, that seems impossible.
Talk to me please.
I crave your attention.
Even if it is just a smile.
A smile would be good.
You keep my heart busy.
I really wish I could tell you what I'm thinking.
But I suppose one day,
One day you might notice me.
I can't wait for that day. ▲

This set is dedicated to the lovely-
@macapaca & @tasmin-in-wonderland !! ▲▲
I hope we have a Great Semester 3 together! 
Lets make it last! :D xo - No matter what, we'll be there for eachother!! xoxoxo ilysmmm!! :) 

Joinnn mai new clubb! :P

You're a site model! Shanksss! :D 

K Bye, ▲▲▲
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