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The one that got away
Minna [Mini] Persson, 26
Known as: The one that wanted to be loved
Biography: Minna's biggest goal in life has always been to be loved by everyone. She wants harmony wherever she is and would do anything for it. Plus, Minna is extremely romantic which one can also see in her style. Pastels, lace and glitter, these things belong to Minna's signature look. This girl lives in her own, dreamy world and is literally the goody-goody. But if you try to please everyone, you get often upset yourself because your expectations never come true. One false view, a wrong gesture or a strange word and Minna's absolutely down. That's why she suffers from depression. Most of the time she tries to cover it, but sometimes she just bursts into tears from one second to the other. Her biggest fear is to be alone forever. When she was in High School, she found her big love in her first boyfriend, Hugh. They were perfect for each other because Hugh could handle Minna's behavior and make her happy. The depressions nearly disappeared. Everybody thought they'd stick together forever. 
And then, form one day to the other, Minna was gone without a word. She left a letter for Hugh saying "I can't take it anymore." Nobody ever heard a word of her again, but there were a few rumors. Did she go into a clinic to cure her problems? Nobody knows so far. She quit her job, cut off her friendships and left her whole old life. 
• Why he/she is returning to the beach house: Now Minna's back in town. The one that got away is finally where everything started, after six years without a sign. She regrets what she did and wants to say sorry to the people she offended with her behavior. And she's looking for one special person: Hugh. Does she still love him? Or does she want tot take revenge for anything? 
Occupation: Different jobs. Rumor has it she's an actor.. but in which genre?
Relationship status: Single? At least she acts like that since she flirts with everyone who crosses her way. 
Other notable relationships: None, at least we don't know about them. 
Model: Nastya Kusakina

I sighed as I looked at the place which I would leave now. Would I come back? I didn't know it yet. The apartment, all of the little things which belonged to me for six years now... I had to leave all of this behind this thick wooden door. Before the tears could stream down, I turned around and jumped into the waiting cab which would take me to the airport. I played with my blonde hair while I watched my city out of the window. The light changed because the sun rose at the horizon. I could get a glimpse of that through the high, modern buildings. Again, I asked myself why the hell I did that. Why I wanted to go back to my place of birth so badly. I still tried to hide the answer in my thoughts as long as possible. Because if I really thought about it, all of he old wounds would be open again and this time I was sure I wouldn't be able to heal them. 

I nearly didn't notice that the cab came to halt in front of the airport and that the driver took care of my pink suitcases. Like in a dream, I just moved without feeling anything. Although I had to wait hours for my flight to start, I couldn't tell how I passed the time. I gene slept during the whole flight and even in the taxi which took me "home", I tried to keep my eyes closed. I didn't want to realize that I was back again, finally. But I couldn't stop my nose form noticing all of the different smells here, smells which meant home to me since I could think. And the noises all around me, or better the silence I wasn't used to anymore. The waves crashed on the beach and the air smelt salty. The warm breeze touched my head as I got out of the taxi. Roses blossomed nearby the beach and the white sand seemed as soft as ever. And then, the house came into my view. The house which I remembered most, where all of the things I wanted to avoid had taken place. A shiver trembled down my whole body, but it wasn't only fear. I was also excited and yes, a bit happy to be here. I'd missed the landscape, the birds, the blue, blue sky above me. I was positive that I could see the stars after the sun would sink into the green and blue ocean in front of me. 

I grabbed my suitcases and waited for the taxi to get away. My heartbeat was twice as fast as usual and I breathed heavily. I bit on a strand of my hair and played with my necklace. Before I could walk to the beach house, I turned my back towards it and reached for a rose nearby my left hand. Its thorns left little marks on my fingers and I saw a tiny drop of blood. I licked my finger and put the rose into my hair. None of these things could really distract me from what I had to do now. I picked up my suitcases, faced the house and walked slowly to it. I reached it and rang the bell. 
"Yes, please?", a female, unknown voice said. 
Now I couldn't go back anymore.
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