January 19, 2012

Song of the day: Sight of the Sun - Fun.

Ah I've been dying to make a set all week long just so I could use this song. I love Fun. They're just brilliant. 

So I'm having a dilemma. I have to start choosing my courses for next year, and I have no idea what to do. I need some advice... should I choose the class based on the teacher or the course curriculum? Because some of the teachers next year are either ridiculously difficult, unfriendly, self-righteous, etc. but some of those teachers also happen to be teaching the courses I'm considering, so... WHAT TO DO? 

And just saying, I find it ridiculous that NY State requirements make it so that you're allowed to drop a science class to take an extra history one, but not vice versa. They put so much less value on math and science than they do on English and social studies and that just irks me. What about the students who are following a math/science path? I'd much rather take two science courses than a history course. Sigh. 

Okay. Enough ranting about that.

In other news... We've been watching "Dead Poets Society" in English class, and I've been enjoying it SO much. It's a brilliant film. It really is. See, I've watched it before, but that was a couple of years ago when I was a lot younger, so even though I liked it then, there was just no way for me to realize it's true value. But now that I've learned about transcendentalism and Thoreau and Emerson and all that, I appreciate the film so much more. I highly recommend it. 

And I've actually really enjoyed our transcendentalism unit. Some of the things Thoreau says in "Walden" really struck a chord with me. I don't know if you guys have read it, but it's really thought-provoking stuff. I won't be able to do Thoreau justice in this paraphrase, but basically, one of the things he stresses is living for yourself and not others, and this idea of being "awake"--but not in the physical sense like you may think. To him, being awake is really seizing the day and "sucking out all the marrow of life"; it's about making something out of your life instead of just going through the mechanics; it's doing more than just existing on this earth. And, you know, we had this whole discussion in class about how none of us are truly awake by Thoreau's definition, and I was just kind of thinking how annoying it is that, to some extent, that's not really our fault. Society kind of makes it so that we end up just going through the mechanics. For example, I literally spend three hours on my history homework each night, and I don't enjoy one bit of it, but imagine if I had those three hours all to myself and could do anything I wanted with them. If I spent that time doing something that I'm truly passionate about and truly engaged in, I imagine something really great could come out of it. You know what I mean? I don't know. That might just be the jaded high schooler in me talking, but... there's something to think about. 

And going back to the topic of transcendentalist films... I don't know if you guys remember, but a few months ago I was raving about this film, "Beasts of the Southern Wild," and now I can't believe it was nominated for four Oscars--Best Picture, Best Directer, Adapted Screenplay, and Leading Actress! And the girl is only, like, nine, I think, and she was only six when she filmed the movie! How awesome is that?! And it's impressive because the entire creation of this film was so low-scale--it's the guy's first film, these are all amateur actors, it was produced on such a low budget, etc., etc.--and now it's up in the running for some of the biggest awards! Pretty cool.

And "Hart of Dixie" is back and it's cuter than ever! Wade Kinsella is one beautiful character. You guys should all watch it. 

Okay. I should probably stop now, yeah? This is what happens when I don't go on Polyvore for a long time. All of these thoughts and musings just build up in the back of my brain and come out all at once in my set descriptions. Lol. Sorry you had to read through all of that. Or maybe you didn't--I don't blame you--but in any case, I miss you guys all! Hope you all are doing well in school and rocking those midterms! Oh, and if you're taking the SAT next week--like me (WISH ME GOOD LUCK!)--bonne chance a tous! And I hope you all have a fantastic week! xx
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Wrote 4 years ago
So cute!!

Wrote 4 years ago
Oh and this outfit is so perfect. and this set. And just everything about this.

Wrote 4 years ago
Ok, I've been on your page quite a few times in the last week or whatever and I noticed you were gone and I missed you and now you're back and I haven't been on and blah blah, it feels like it's been ages!
Ugh, I'm in the same situation as you with applying to courses etc, and I'm applying to another school so I have no idea how the teachers are or anything. But I hope you managed to choose what you wanted and it goes well :D
I have no idea what Dead Poets Society is except you make it sound really cool so I'll look into it :D
Hope your SAT's went well :DDD Turns out I had exams the same week as you, now it's just waiting for the results, ugh I'm so impatient!

Wrote 4 years ago
Love this schoolgirl prep look!


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