Song of the day: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift

August 14, 2012

1) Whoa. Talk about a new sound for Taylor! I was in the car last night driving back from tennis, and I was grumbling about how I missed her web chat because my lesson was at 7pm (don't worry, I found it on YouTube later), and I decide to turn on the radio, and this song's playing and I'm like, "What is this?!?" I had never heard it before, and my sister and I were trying to figure out whose song it could possibly be, and the entire time I was thinking, "Geez. This sounds a lot like Taylor..." (trust me, after listening to all three of her albums a bazillion times, I think I'd recognize her voice anywhere) but I didn't want to say it because I was like, "Nahhhh. This song is too pop-y for Taylor!" And yet, once the song stopped playing, the radio guy said, "That was Taylor Swift's new single," and I was like DANGGGGGG. I SO KNEW IT! But yeah. It's quite a different sound, and I'll be honest, at first I was kinda like... Huh??? But after listening to it quite a bit, I decided I like it. Plus, as a dedicated Swiftie, I automatically love it. Sorry. Major fangirl right here.
2) But, hey, NEW TAYLOR SWIFT ALBUM OUT OCTOBER 22ND!!! TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!! Lol I've already been telling all of my friends this entire year, "Taylor's gonna come out with a new album this fall because she always comes out with one every two years!" Haha. I'm very excited for it! I doubt she'll stray too far from her roots and do an entire pop album, but with this as our first taste of the album, I'm curious to see what else is on it! Of course, I'm most excited for her duet with Ed!!! AH I CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT!
3) In other news... "The Summer I Turned Pretty" was FINALLY available at our library, so I picked it up yesterday #scoreeeeeeeeee and now I can finally re-read it for probably the tenth time. YES! I've been wanting to re-read that for forever since I haven't read it in like a year or two! Now I can re-read the entire series over again! YAY! Actually, I've read the second one a million times since that's the only one I actually own so I might skip over that one. Now I just need the third one. That one I've only read once (excluding the snippets I found on Google books--I was desperate, okay???). 
4) So yesterday, a family friend of ours invited me and my sister to come to her apartment and sort through a bunch of clothes she was planning on donating since she just did a major closet-cleaning, and I was so excited since she has some cute clothes, and I was hoping to maybe find some good pieces, but nothing really fit. It was quite old stuff that didn't fit her, but they didn't even fit me! Lol. So I just got a few basic tees and stuff I can use for sleeping or gym or whatever and then one cute tank that I actually like! Haha. It didn't quite live up to my expectations. But that's okay--I'm grateful! 
5) I'm just slightly jealous of all my friends who get to go back-to-school shopping lol ;P I'm kind of in debt because of those darn 1D tickets so mehhhh. 
6) Oh and I decided I really want to create a sort of mood board on one of my walls, kinda like this: and this:, but it'd be kinda lame to just print out gorgeous pictures on plain ol' paper (plus, my dad probs wouldn't be too happy with me if I wasted that much ink ;P) and I don't really have too many magazines (and don't really want to cut up the few that I do... Can you imagine running a scissor through a beautiful picture of Karlie or Frida or someone?!? Oh, the horror. hehe), so I don't think it's gonna happen. Sigh.
7) YES!!! WHITE COLLAR AND COVERT AFFAIRS ARE BACK ON TONIGHT! Or they better be. Because let me tell you, I was quite disappointed last week when there was no White Collar, no Covert Affairs, and no Jane By Design. 
8) Okay. I'm gonna go now. Peace out, girl scouts! xx
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