Hey everybody it's misha here @mishmish97 and I'm just doing a little guest tip for you guys(: You might know me from @lovelytipgirls but today I will be making a quick little tip on this wonderful account! 
Oh and I know this set has nothing to do with vaseline but I felt like making a fall-themed set that's why XD
Below I will be telling you guys the many uses for a magical thing called petroleum jelly(: Petroleum jelly or Vaseline is one product that can be used multiple ways and it is a must in any makeup bag. It can be used for;

-Put a layer of vaseline on your lashes each night to condition them and make them grow longer and fuller. 

-Massage a layer into tired, dry feet every night and cover them with socks to wake up to baby soft heels.

-Apply a coat to your elbows to keep them smooth.

-Put some on your cuticles for better looking nails.

-Use it to nourish chapped lips.

-Substitute some vaseline for your fave lipgloss or...

-Mix some in with Kool-Aid for FLAVORED lip gloss.

-Melt some with a chocolate chip for delicious chocolate lip gloss.

-Dab some on perfume points before spraying to increase the longevity of your scent.

-Use as a moisturizer for acne-prone skin.

-Rub on to knees to avoid ashy looking legs.

-Mix with sea salts for a great homemade scrub.

-Put a thin layer on your teeth so your lipstick won't tain your pearly whites. 

-Warm it up to use it as a night cream.

-Remove your makeup using Vaseline.

-Use it as an inexpensive primer for eyeshadow.

-Apply on your cheeks for a flushed, dewy complexion.

-Use it to soothe your skin after shaving.

-Use it as a lubricant on your ear lobes before inserting earrings. 

-Go oer your eyebrows with a bit of Vaseline to tame unruly hairs.

-Use it to help prevent chaffing.

-Use it as an alternative to mascara during the day.

-Vaseline helps to remove stubborn rings.

-Helps to reduce the symptoms of dandruff.

-Fights against eczema and severe dryness.

-Use it to heal and protect new tattoos (not that most of you guys should have tattoos lol) 

-Dab just a little to your ends to disguise split ends. 

And one for those of you guys who are planning on celebrating Halloween: 

Once you carve your Halloween pumpkin, rub Vaseline on the exposed edges. it keeps it from rotting or going dry.

Hope you guys enjoyed this! If you have any uses of vaseline that I didn't mention comment below! Also leave a comment if you have tried any of these little tips. &&Don't forget to Follow+Like! We appreciate it so much when you show us love <3

credit; www.chrisitinaloves.com but I rewrote everything in my own words and modified everything a little bit.
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your welcome! I'm glad you like it(:

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@mishmish97 thank you! this is a great tip! :)





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