Utah Collins(GNY)

Name: Utah Collins
Age: 22
Likes: Blackmailing, Getting what she wants, Beauty, Drugs, Alcohol, People with pretty asthetic apperances, staying thin, reading long novels, vintage clothing and glamour, thigh high boots, gossip, smoking, her dreams, attention
Dislikes: People pointing out her flaws, those who try to upstage her, hidden secrets, not reaching an orgasm, the vauge and the unkown
Bio: Meet the ultimate drama queen. She’s been to rehab and back a few times, she’s the one who starts all the fights, spreads all the rumours and has the best blackmail material. Utah is a difficult girl to deal with but if you can get on her side, you should stick there. She doesn’t really care about anyone but herself. Obsessed with looking her best and motivated by the fact that she didn’t have to study a lot, she went to beauty school. Now that she’s at Vogue she has a lot of people above her to respect. Will she be able to behave?
Job: Beauty assistant
Relationship Status: Single but has random flings from time to time, usually one night stands with men she doesn't care to meet again because let's face it: she's all about getting her own pleasure before anyone else.
Model: Sarah Stephens

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