Full Name:Valentine Blair
Grade: Sophomore
Appearance: Above
Short Bio:Chloe was born and raised in the South of Chicago.She worked at Tiffany & Co and got all the jewelry from her own money.She lived at a beach side penthouse because her parents are millionaires.She is a only child and has become very spoiled.She came to Upper East High to make new friends even though she has hundreds.At her old school she had a best friend called Crystal and a other one called April.She used to be in the most populist group of her school. 
Family:Mum Anna 41.Dad George 44.Brother Matt 19.Sister Mia 6.Cat Fluffy 3 Months.Puppy Maxie 1.
Secret:If i told you it would be a secret

OOC: I'm sorry if i used someones model i couldn't find anyone else

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