Jacob, Craig, Chres, and Ray were just four regular boys who has all just moved to Soutch Central, and were going to be going to Crestwood High. At first, no one noticed the new boys. No one even gave them a glance, because all eyes were on the girls. Asia, Kae, Nikki, and Charlie, also known as the Crestwood queens. Every girl wanted to be them, and every boy wanted them, including the new kids. When the boys find out about the schools game, Valentine Girl, their curtiosty gets the best of them, and they jump right in. They find out that Valentine Girl is a secret game played by all the boys at Crestwood High. Each boy has until Valentine's Day, to make one chosen girl their girl,or face some serious consequences. Everyone picks a girl's name out of a hat, hping for sometonegood. When each one of the booys picks one of the Crestwood Queens, they were shocked. Now each boy have until Valentine's Day, to find some way to make these popular girls notice them. Will the boys be fall flat, and have to face the consequences? Or will they be able to make them, their valentine girl?

Based on Valentine's Girl by MB.

I thought this would be a cute story to write, don't know if i will write it or not. Still thinking ~Nikki

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