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1. Favorite Male Character: Stefan
2. Second Favorite Male Character: Damon
3. Favorite Female Character: Elena
4. Second Favorite Female Character: Katherine 
5. Least Favorite Male Character: Mason
6. Least Favorite Female Character: Isobel
7. Favorite Vampire: Stefan
8. Favorite Human: Alaric & Jeremy
9. Your biggest ship: Stelena
10. Couple you don’t ship: Bonnie and Jeremy.. it's not that i don't like them together but i feel there is no chemistry between them (agree with miss-wesley-pattinson )
11. Favorite episode season 1: Ep.1 coz made me sit here to watching continue till now,and OMG!!!! what a handsome guy when i see Paul at first time.
12. Favorite episode season 2: "The Sun Also Rises" 
13. Favorite episode season 3: till now" The Reckoning"
14. Favorite Quote:Yes, it is. Because I don't want it to be like this. I don't want to feel like this. But I can't, with everything that has happened I can't loose the way I feel about you.(S.1 ep.7 Haunted)
15. Favorite soundtrack: If i choose one can be " only one"(i can feel Stefen care/love Elena so much when i listen this song wanna cries)
Alex band-only one live:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FLhNlVBKxs
16. Best chemistry couple: Delena 
17. Most romantic couple: Stelena :)
18. Couple you wouldn’t mind if they end up together: Bonnie and Matt
19. Couple you would mind if they end up together: Spoiler..... Rebecah and Stefen ..big NO (of course not)
19. Favorite bad boy- good girl couple (or reverse) Tyler and Caroline
20. Favorite friendship: Stefan and Caroline.. I just dream about this couple will happen on S.3(just my dream) i love to see them together for sometime.
21. Favorite anti-relationship: Stefan and Katherine.
22. Pair two characters that would make an unlikely, but strangely okay couple: Stefan and Caroline like i said i can accepted sometime be good if not end up.
23. Chararacter you would rise from dead: Lexi.. miss her!! and Anna can be for Jeremy.
24. Which character is more like you? Sometime i think Elena she confusing and can't choose who she love haha weird!!! 
25. If you could be one of the cast members what role would you like to get? Elena, who else.. she has both brothers for herself :))--> Agree with miss-wesley-pattison again kyaaaaax3.
26. Books or Tv Show: For both,but T.V show changed too much image of Elena,Stefen&Demon.
27. Vampires or Humans: Vampires
28. Favorite season so far: Most impression is S.1,Keep watching S.2,Can't deny S.3 :)
29. If you could be in a romantic relationship with anyone from the cast who would that be? Even i do like Paul but he already got married may be Ian haha<3
30. Damon or Stefan: Stefan!
1. Who is your favorite male character in Twilight? Edward
2. Favorite female: Bella.
3. Least favorite character: Alice i don't like too much Ashley Green seriously !! but i love her role in books.
4. Team Edward or Team Jacob? Team Edward.. always!
5. Your biggest ship: Bella and Edward
6. Favorite relationship between two characters: Bella and Edward<3
7. Favorite anti-relationship between two characters: Jacob and Bella
8. Favorite quote: And so the lion fell in love with the lamb
9. Favorite soundtrack: love all.
10. Have you watched all three movies? Yes
11. Favorite movie so far: Twilight is my first impression.
12. favorite book in the saga: New moon, Twilight and Breaking dawn
13. How long did it take you to read Twilight? Not finished yet.
14. Do you feel bad for Jacob? Yes,for books,but in movie not.
15. Who is your favorite Cullen? Everyone excepted Alice I means Ashley G. 
16. Favourite quote by Edward:I can't live in a world where you don't exist
17. Favourite quote by Bella: Forever means nothing without you
18. Favorite vampire besides Cullens: Victoria
19. Favorite werewolf or human: human.
20. Which character is more like you? No one.
21. Favorite villain: Victoria
22. If you could be one of the cast members what role would you like to get? Bella
23. If you could be in a romantic relationship with anyone from the cast who would that be? No one.
24. Vampire or werewolves? Vampire.
25. Books or movie? Books even i'm not finished yet,can't find the motive to read it after i finished movie kinda sad to read books again.

Which character do you like more? Jacob or Damon? Damon sure.
Which good guy you like more? Stefan or Edward? 
Stefen coz i'm not into Rob,it's okay but not for my fab.
but i love Bella&Elena so much OMG!!! I’m into girls.
Which cast is better?Just my opinion i think TVD is better but Twilight is too much overrated without the good reasons why ppl crazy about? I'm only K.Stew fan before she made it big in Twilight. 
What quotes do you like more? From TVD or Twilight? Both.
Which has better soundtrack?. Both but Twilight kinda overrated. 
Which saga you like more, Twilight as book, The Vampire diaries is my addicting they're made it good for detail.
Would you rather change Twilight to tv show and Vampire diaries to movie? No, they are perfect as they are now.
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Sorry if you don't want tag ,just i though you'd not mind if i tag you,can skip it also. 

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