( me and molly♥allisa are talking about this. this is what i wrote about my thoughts on the finale. i dont wanna re-type it in different words soo....)

best episode ever!
OMG KATHERINE. that fricken b!tch.
I thought it was gonna be ELENA & DAMON kissing not KATHERINE & DAMON. like wthhhh!
i'm excited she's back because there's going to be more action. but now damon is gonna think he kissed elena. i think katherine is gonna pretend to be elena or something. and what happens now between elena and damon?!?!? ughhh. i hate katherine. lol. 
Thank gosh they saved damon from getting killed BUT anna!! :( i actually liked anna. how could they do that!??! 
and i'm kinda glad uncle john is gone but at the same time i didn't fully want him to die cuz he has answers and brings drama!
andd JEREMYYY!! NOOOO!! i dont want him to become a vampire!!

tell me what you thought of the finalee!! :D♥

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